How to systemize your content on social media PERISCOPE

How to systemize your content on social media PERISCOPE

How to systemize your content on social media PERISCOPE

Social media is GREAT… except when it starts to take up too much time! When you are trying to build your social media platforms it is easy to get overwhelmed with thoughts of “What should I post?”, “How often should I post?”, and “How will I find the time to constantly create new content?”


I was that person who was totally overwhelmed by social media. I used to wake up every day and think “what do I post today?” I wanted to stay relevant. I wanted to stay interesting and I wanted it to be quick. It was NEVER quick…. I enjoyed it, but hours would go by creating every single post.

I finally  figured out a system that allows my content chow to systemize your social media contentreation to take less time, but STILL be creative and super effective.

In this video, I also share how I systemize my 15 second clip videos so that I can film monthly, rather than daily, and still be very effective and relevant!

If you want to see MORE of this type of content and more live broadcast from me, please comment and let me know to keep going! I am also open to suggestions on content you would like to see from me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a day do you post?

It varies depending on which social media site I use.  For example, with Instagram, I’m pretty consistent and post at least once a day at the same time, every day. With Facebook, I would say anywhere from three to five times a day. Pinterest is daily. It really just depends on the site. With Twitter, I schedule in advance or if there is a “schedule to post” option, I will do that. I’m on all the platforms, but I’m extremely efficient and I never react and post, which I think is extremely important. You really need to think your plan through.

Can you schedule on Pinterest?

Yes, you can schedule on Pinterest! We use something called Tailwind to schedule our pins. It is also beneficial because you can access analytics from there and it is easy to work with.

Do you film on your phone?

Yes, all the time!  For my morning 15-second video clips, I only use my iPhone. However, for YouTube, I sometimes use my iPhone, but for the most part, I have a crew filming and editing. Don’t get discouraged though as you can absolutely use your phone for YouTube. Helpful tip: make sure camera is filming horizontal.

Do you recommend doing a variety of exercises a day?

It really depends on your goals, but my whole concept is to exercise, using multiple body parts at once. For example, a plank with a knee to elbow touch works not only your core, but targets your oblique’s too. You don’t want to isolate one movement. You also want to try and be active every day, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

Do you have a webinar about Pinterest?

I do! But it’s not quite available yet. It has already been filmed, but is only in the test stages at this time. But within the next week, I will have a live schedule of when I’m doing those webinars for Pinterest. It’s COMING SOON! In the meantime, I have an entire Pinterest program that’s easy to use. If you go to, I have a killer Pinterest Academy there. It teaches you how I use all of my content, how I grow all my social media sites, and increase business and eyes (traffic) on my stuff from Pinterest.

In the live broadcast I mentioned two links for more help

The first is how I film and create the videos. You can learn more about that HERE

The second relates to all of my business builder programs. You can learn more about those HERE.

– Natalie Jill



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