How to Turn Set Backs into Successes

How to Turn Set Backs into Successes

Do you want to turn your setbacks into successes?

Things I’ve Learned Transform Your Reality

Setback to Success Step number ONE:


I get it. You’ve had a massive “setback” and you are in serious self beat up comparing your current self to your past self and “the way it used to be.” Let that $#*+ go 😤. LIFE HAPPENS (and when it does… it seems like it’s going to take you out)

Injuries How to Turn Set Backs into Successes with Natalie Jill
Loss of Motivation

When it happens, it hurts and feeling deflated, frustrated and even unnecessary can overwhelm you

Explaining it, defending it, thinking about it, dwelling over it, none of that will help. How do I know? Because I cannot teach, I WILL NOT TEACH FROM A MOUNTAINTOP. I’m teaching you from life experiences because everything in the list above is something I’ve dealt with all in the last 6-months. I’m not immune to the craziness of life either.

Setback to Success Step number TWO:

Pick up and start again from where you are today. Right now. In THIS reality. Where you are right here + Where you are right NOW.

Build again, start again, move forward. Start a NEW track with today’s reality. One small action at a time.

Set Back to Success Step Number THREE

Stop Comparing. Comparing to “what was” doesn’t feel good. It makes you feel like you’re behind, not good enough or like you are losing (and you aren’t) — you’re just pre-winning LOL!!! Seriously, comparing to what USED to be is disempowering and not constructive. DROP the comparison.

Set Back to Success Step Number FOUR

DECIDE to look for the lesson in it all. How can you be EMPOWERED by the setback? You see, setbacks can define you and defeat you or they can empower you and teach you to be stronger than ever.

It’s all your choice.
It’s all a decision.
It’s all a belief.

I speak from experience as I had 3 MASSIVE setbacks in the last two years including a physical one (a ruptured disc and nerve damage that left me with chronic pain)

A massive financial mistake which could have ruined me.

And a more personal one I will share later (promise 😘) All shook me to the core.

Instead I stopped comparing to how things were and started over and THIS time from a new perspective

I am GRATEFUL for what I learned during the setbacks.

What “happened” happened and it is in the past. You can’t change it. It’s done. It’s past. Will you move forward with me and start right now from where you are today, in this moment?
You have today and the future.

XO Natalie Jill

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