It’s not too late and you are not too old.

It’s not too late and you are not too old.

It’s not too late and you are not too old.

Did you know that if you open your mouth slightly and take a photo from up above you can look younger? 😂 Random trick! And it works because I’m actually 90.

Just kidding of course but I AM 47 and here is what I want you to know about TRULY staying young at heart and AGING IN REVERSE (the title of my new book that hits stores in May!)

It's not too late and you are not too old with Natalie Jill Nutrition, hydration and movement is of course critical BUT you know what the biggest factor is?


Deciding comes first

It’s true. It’s DECIDING that you will not get enrolled in the idea of “aging sucks”, “metabolism slows down”, “weight gain happened” and whatever other FALSE ASSUMED TRUTHS (F.A.T.) we have been told.

Here is the thing…

It’s not too late.
You are not too old.
And it’s not impossible.

Decide it is all possible!

Go for that new career. Learn that new skill. Buy that cute young outfit. Play play play.

Decide you get better with age and enroll yourself in being that example!


Natalie Jill

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Natalie Jill helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, life, and business goals. Natalie is a well-known Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer who specializes in weight loss and core training. . Natalie is also the bestselling author of Unprocess Your Diet . Natalie has been gluten free for over 15 years as she has Celiac Sprue. Learn how Natalie handled adversity and find out how she "made her own luck" and turned it all around! . To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile.

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