Killer Arm Workout – 3 Easy Moves – video

Killer Arm Workout – 3 Easy Moves – video

Killer Arm Workout

Today we are toning the upper body with three easy moves in this killer ARM workout! Summer is right around the corner, which means so is tank top and bathing suit season! You can use dumbells, soup cans, or your own body weight! Whatever you want, just do these with me!

killer arm workout

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Killer Arm Workout #1: Shoulder Raises

Keep everything tight. Raise your arms up to the side to shoulder height, keeping your elbows bent and lower back down. Keep a steady pace. You won’t feel these right away, but after you have done several, you will feel the burn. You should be really feeling these in your shoulders. The key to all of these workouts is to KEEP GOING after you feel the burn.

Killer Arm Workout #2: Bicep Curls

This is similar to a traditional bicep curl, except we are adding another move. In addition to doing the front bicep curl, take it to the side and curl up, too. Alternate between front and side. Keep going until it burns…and then keep on going! Your biceps should be on fire!

Killer Arm Workout #3: Upright Rows

Raise your arms almost to your chin with your elbows bent. Bring them back down and then raise your arms keeping them straight and extended in front of you. Alternate between the two. Again, just like the other two killer arm workout moves, do these until you feel the burn, and keep doing them until you can’t do another! 🙂 You will likely feel these throughout your arms, especially in your shoulders.

YOWZER! So tell me, what’d you think about that killer arm workout? I know I felt it! Let’s keep it up. Summer is almost here. Here are a few more workouts if you’re looking to get leaner legs, or perhaps want a do-at-home full body workout.

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

-Natalie Jill

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