Mean Kids & Comfort Food Pushed Him To 385lbs

Mean Kids & Comfort Food Pushed Him To 385lbs

A Story Of Internal Strengthening & Lifestyle Change

“No matter how bad things can get in life, believing in yourself and going into any challenge in life with an ‘I CAN’ attitude works.  There is nothing that can stop me from succeeding in my path that I have ahead of me!”- Landon Yosko

Last week I received this e-mail : “I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for all that you do for helping this country decrease the obesity numbers just by educating and motivating individuals about the facts of living a healthy lifestyle and how it can make people’s life much more enjoyable. Reading all your information that you provide to the general public is making a huge impact in peoples life!  As for me, I am an extremely motivated and confident person in the health/nutrition world as well as in my professional career but there are still times that I need that motivation and all it takes is your web page and facebook posts and I’m refueled! Thanks again for what you do. For you to share my story with your thousands of fans, that would be a dream come true!”

Well, here you go Landon…  Everybody else, enjoy the story as it contains some powerful lessons that can change your life for the better!

In Landon’s Words

Life is all about what we set our minds to do. Growing up all my life,I was overweight from childhood all the way to my young adult years. Some of the choices I have made growing up were not the smartest with respect to nutrition and fitness. Those choices were reversed and I transitioned myself to live a healthy lifestyle after being unhealthy for 20 years.

People and Kids can be so mean

I grew up in Karnes City, Texas which is a very small town in south Texas that has a population of around 3,000 people. It is a community where everyone knows everyone. Majority of the population was extremely respectful and very family like but being obese all throughout my early childhood to the beginning of my early adulthood, there was a lot of cruel people that showed no respect to the obese kid. It hurt very badly each and every time I was called a name because of my weight. In general, it was amazing how cruel kids and adults were. There were times in my life I asked many times why I was even born to this world. I didn’t have much to live for because it seems like I was constantly the prime target for name calling.

Food was comforting

Each time I was called a name, I would turn to the only thing that would comfort me, food. I would sneak snacks into my room constantly because as sad it may seem, food was my best friend. As I got older and continued eating for comfort, I got bigger and bigger.

Hating the scale

I weighed myself about once a year and each year I stepped on the scale the number displayed kept on getting larger and larger. When I was 20 years old I saw the scale reach all the way up to 360 and I just went to my bed when I got home and just laid on my bed and told myself that I can’t go on living this type of lifestyle. Christmas Eve of 2003,  I sat in my bedroom before going out to take family pictures and said “after the holiday’s are over, its time for a lifestyle change.

The Decision

I started researching nutrition and fitness on my own and on February 1st 2004 is when my life started to turn around. I changed up my eating habits and started exercising for about an hour a day. I started my
lifestyle change weighing in at 375 lbs with a 6’3” frame and about 50% body fat. After the first 3 months of my new eating habits and being physically active, I lost 85 lbs. Today, I weigh in at 200 lbs at around 9-10%
body fat which is a total of 170 lbs lost.

How Landon Yosko Did It

All the success was obtained by learning everything on my own without the help of any personal training, nutritionist and medication.  I researched everything on my own from very reliable sources and basically learned how the human body reacts to nutrition and fitness. I have maintained my weight loss for 7 years going on 8. The key to success is to strengthening your internal heart and soul and once those are strengthened then nothing is impossible. Start from inside and let it spill out to the outside! Majority people that lose weight bypass building that internal strength and then they find themselves back to where they first started because they missed that most important step.  I never stated in my life that I went on a diet, I changed my lifestyle around.

Look At Landon Now

Since I have made that lifestyle change, I have competed in many 5K benefit runs and a couple Marathon relays. I never before thought that I would be running events for a good cause but since my transition, I cross every finish line thinking how that Christmas Eve decision made my life change completely. I wouldn’t replace it for anything. People constantly ask me “do you wish you would have done this sooner?” I just smile and say “No ma’am/sir, being big for my first 20 years was for a reason. I have learned so much about life and no matter how bad things can get in life, believing in yourself and going into any challenge in life with an I CAN attitude, there is nothing that can stop me from succeeding in my path that I have ahead of me!”  That same attitude has lead me to start training for my current goal, an Ironman Triathlon!!! The sky is the limit with what your body can do!!! With a strong heart and soul, there is nothing in life that’s impossible.

– Landon Yosko

WOW! If Landon’s story isn’t inspirational, I don’t know what is…

Excuses or Solutions…YOU decide!

-Natalie Jill

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