Leg and Butt Blaster Workout – video

Leg and Butt Blaster Workout – video

Leg and Butt Blaster Workout

Today we are doing a leg and butt blaster workout. All you need is yourself and a stability ball. You can do this workout at home, at the gym, or anywhere you have access to any stability ball. Did you know that even my office chair is a stability ball? 🙂 It’s true! It’s fuzzy and hot pink.leg and butt blaster workout

#1 Leg and Butt Blaster Workout – Reverse Lunge on Ball:

Keep your base leg planted firmly on the ground. Bend your other leg and place your foot on the stability ball behind you. Place your weight on your base leg. Drive through your heel and extend your bent leg back so that it’s straight behind you on the stability ball and you are in a lunge position. You should really feel this in the base leg and glute but it also doubles as a hip flexor stretch! Repeat for 10 and then switch sides and repeat for another 10.

#2 Leg and Butt Blaster Workout – Straight Leg Glute Bridge:

Lay flat on your back with your legs on top of the stability ball. Point your toes up and put your hands at your side. Lift your body all the way up and really squeeze the back of your legs at the top and engage your core. Just when you think you are as high as possible, bring it even higher. This will work your glutes and hamstrings and even your core! You can either hold here or raise your arms or lift one leg at a time. Try to hold for 30 seconds.

#3 Leg and Butt Blaster Workout – Dolphins: 

Get on top of the stability ball stomach faced down. You want to get to a point where you feel you could balance on top of the stability ball. Center your abs, and open your legs into a V. Use your legs and glutes to squeeze your legs up and out. You should feel this in your legs, glutes, and in your lower back. To make it more challenging, move yourself around on the ball until it creates the right amount of intensity for you. The further back you go the harder it will be. Do this for 15 reps.

There you have it. A super quick leg and butt blaster workout! Feel free to repeat it if you need to increase the intensity.

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

-Natalie Jill

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