Overcoming Obstacles – A Transformation

Overcoming Obstacles – A Transformation

From Shattered Bones, a Paralyzed Arm, to Convenience Food

Over 6 years went by until she took her body back after the accident.

Meet Lisi…
Read her story…
See how she overcame obstacles…
Apply it to your life…

Without further ado, meet Lisi:

Transformation – In Lisi’s words:    In 2005 I was involved in a life changing traumatic skiing accident that resulted in a shattered humerus, clavicle, collar bone and a torn nerve that caused my left arm and oblique area to be completely paralyzed for three years.  Before my accident I was very active, I worked in the physically demanding job of firefighting/arson investigations and was always in shape.

The Weight Gain: Over the course of my recovery I gained 50 pounds. The combination of not being able to workout and eating  convenience like breads, fast food, drinking two liters or more of Diet Coke and sugary desserts became my normal habits.  I was basically couch ridden and could not leave the house except to attend grueling physical therapy.  I had numerous surgeries, had to move to another state to receive care for the rare injury I had sustained, and diet and exercise where the furthest thing from my mind.  Almost six years later in the Fall of 2010 I had regained 80 percent usage of my left arm, but I will never be 100% because of the severe nerve damage. I began exercising again but the weight was slow to come off and I was very limited in which exercises I could do. I was no longer able to run, swim or lift weights like I had so easily done before and this caused me to become very depressed, and I felt so unhealthy.  I pushed on and kept trying to overcome and get back to the person I was before my accident.

Hitting Rock Bottom: Then in December of 2010 I had another major set back, a tendon my uninjured right wrist was damaged due to all of the strain I had been putting on my right arm for over six years.  I had to have two surgeries that required using pins to keep my tendon in place. I regained some weight, could only get into sweatpants and again fell back into horrible eating habits of convenience foods and comfort foods.  I was unable to work out for seven months following the surgery.

Attempting Fad Diets and Spending $: I knew I needed to change because I felt unhealthy and depressed.  I paid for two different professional meal planning and exercise planning form industry ‘professionals’, spent over one thousand dollars and got very little results.  I tried every fad diet from low carb, prepackaged meals, AB diets, diets I read about in magazines and tried many different so-called weight loss supplements. Nothing was working, I had lost some of the weight but my skin looked awful, and I had cellulite that would not go away.  I had cellulite on my stomach, hips, thighs and even my arms. I would wear pants all the time and long sleeve shirts, even in the hot summer because the way my body looked embarrassed me.

Turning to Facebook: Finally a few months ago, I started to search the Internet for as much information that I could find.  That is when I discovered Natalie’s facebook page. I read all of the testimonials and purchased her seven-day Jump Start program, it was very inexpensive and seemed like the right program for me to try.   Something about it just seemed right to me, I weighed myself, and I took measurements and photos. I was determined to make it work this time!

Change Began: The first week I felt great and I lost three pounds! It really gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I kept at it; more weight kept trickling off every week.  When I lost ten pounds the scale did not seem to move much so I decided to take photos again to compare with my starting photos. I could not believe the difference; if my face had not been in those photos I would have sworn they were not photos of me.  This just made me more determined and confident that Natalie’s program was working and would continue to work.

Bikini Time: I had a beach vacation planned for March so that gave me a goal to work towards and that was when I would take my after photos.  When I took my after photos four months after I had started, I could not believe the transformation my body had went through! My body looked better than it had when I was in my 20’s and working as a firefighter.  One of the biggest changes that I noticed was that the chronic nerve pain in my injured arm, that I will likely live with the rest of my life, had diminished.  I did some research on the Internet and discovered that some chronic pain has been shown to be alleviated by cutting out processed fake foods. I am certain that processed food was making my body suffer in more ways than just causing the pain from my injury to be exacerbated. I am living proof of that and I have Natalie to thank for helping me get so healthy.

No Magic Pill: There is no secret pill or weight loss scheme with Natalie. Her diet plan is truly a lifetime eating plan, not really a diet at all.  I was never hungry and I followed her plan by eating 5-6 meals, some days it was hard to actually eat all of the food required. I would cook all of my meals on Sunday, separate them into single servings and have them ready to go so all I had to do was pull my dinner out of the fridge when I got home from the gym and heat it up, this left me no excuses for falling off track.   I got creative with her recipes and adjusted ingredients to my taste but I kept everything clean and natural.  I juiced a lot while on her diet plan and found new ways to incorporate the left over pulp into my daily meals.  This plan does not leave you hungry or cranky it leaves you feeling incredible, inside and out.  If there is a secret to this plan it is simply the clean eating, that is it nothing else, clean eating and moderate exercise. I was also a diet coke addict, I would drink more than two liters a day, I consumed a lot of artificial sweeteners and a lot of processed foods full of Gluten but once I got on Natalie’s plan all of those cravings went away. It did not happen over night but eventually I stopped with the addictions and started to get a new healthy body.

Energy- Welcome Back! Natalie’s Jump Start plan gave me so much energy that I had to find things to keep me busy. I started doing Hot Yoga every week and what a great benefit that is. It is a wonderful way to work your core and your body will love you for going!   I also did several HIIT sessions every week along with weight lifting every body part throughout the week.  When Sunday came along, I would allow myself a cheat meal, which was usually pancakes, but as I got further along in the program I no longer wanted a cheat meal.  Unhealthy, foods full of gluten and sugar made me feel awful and all I craved was clean healthy foods and water

In Summary: 

  • I started with the Jump Start Program. 
  • I ate only clean, gluten free, sugar free foods
  • I had a long lasting protein shake before bed every night
  • I took a multivitamin everyday
  • I Drank lots of water
  • I prepared my meals and had them portioned out into containers
  • I did Moderate exercise

There is no hidden secret here, it is a simple plan. Natalie’s Jump Start  plan is real and anyone can follow the plan. Natalie stays right by your side the entire time, she gives you advice and encouragement.  You cannot find better nutrition advice or personal service.  Just think about this, if you start today, in just a few short months you will have the body and health you have always dreamed about!   If I can do it and come back after so many major injuries and setbacks then anyone can do this. if you follow Natalie’s advice you will get the results you want!

– Lisi

Natalie Jill Fitness

Thank you Lisi for sharing your amazing transformation!  You had lots of obstacles in your path, but you chose ‘solutions’ and found a way!

Excuses or solutions…YOU decide!

Natalie Jill

For more information on the Jump Start Program look HERE for women, HERE for men and HERE for vegans



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