What Causes the Lower Belly Pooch? – VIDEO

What Causes the Lower Belly Pooch? – VIDEO

Oh that dang “pooch!” That stubborn lower belly pooch that seems to be there no matter what you do. How do we get rid of it? What causes it and can I get it to go away?

Let’s look at what causes the lower belly pooch:


Before we can get rid of that lower belly pooch, we need to know what the cause of it is.

There are typically 4 reasons we would have a lower belly pooch:Lower Belly Pooch

Lower Belly Pooch Cause #1: Belly Fat
If FAT is truly the issue here, then you can’t spot reduce the area. You have to instead lower over all body fat. This is done through creating intensity in training and eating the right foods. For more help on this topic go HERE

Lower Belly Pooch Cause #2: Bloating / Water Retention
Bloating and water retention can come from a number of things; a high processed food diet, artificial sweeteners (high in sodium), allergens in your diet, lactose in dairy and wheat or gluten products. That’s why it’s important to keep a food diary – know your body and what it can and can’t handle.  Water retention can be caused by hormones, especially for women at different times of the month. You need to DRINK MORE WATER to lose water.

Lower Belly Pooch Cause #3: Extra Skin
When people lose weight drastically or fast, your skin doesn’t necessarily catch up. Or when you have a baby, you can’t just reverse your skin to the way it looked like before, but you can change the appearance of the area by losing overall body fat and develop muscles in that area.

Lower Belly Pooch Cause #4: The Anterior Pelvic Tilt
So many women have a natural C Curve in their back, which inevitably makes it look as though your tummy is sticking out. By correcting that tilt through specific exercises and habits, you can change the way that looks. One quick exercise I love, to correct this posture is to start in a plank position on your forearms and toes, making sure to squeeze those glutes, tuck your pelvis under and HOLD. You may have a little discomfort, but it really helps! Learn more about correcting that anterior pelvic tilt HERE


-Natalie Jill

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