Lower Belly Workout – video

Lower Belly Workout – video

Lower Belly Workout to Target Lower Belly Fat

Today’s video comes highly requested! How to target that stubborn lower belly fat. These are some of my favorite workouts to burn the fat off of our lower belly.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to have your workouts make a difference, as long as you are doing it with your own intensity! These workouts are tough and are meant to be a challenge for you, at any level.

lower belly workout

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Lower Belly Workout #1: Lower Belly Leg Lift Hold

Starting on the ground, press your lower back into the ground and raise your legs with your palms pressed face down into the floor. Aim to hold your legs around a 45 degree angle. If this is too tough, you can raise them a little. If this is too easy, try lowering them down a little further. You want to hold this for a minute! Getting to the full minute is what is really going to work those lower abs for you.

Lower Belly Workout #2: Flutter Kicks

From the same position, take it up to a flutter kick. Criss cross your legs back and forth for 30 seconds. You will really feel this in your abs.

Lower Belly Workout #3: Slow Bicycles

Raise up onto your forearms in the same position and use your abs to slowly bring your legs in and out in a cycling motion. Aim to do this for 30 seconds. You can play with the pace; I like to do them slowly and the slower you do it, the more it engages your core. Remember that you want this to be challenging for YOU. So no cheating 🙂

The good news about these workouts is that you can do them anywhere! You can do them at home, while traveling, or even at your gym. If you like these workouts, you will LOVE my Stronger program!

The best news? Skinny is OUT and Stronger is IN! Working towards Stronger is empowering! Remember that it is impossible to “spot reduce” by just working out. You must incorporate a healthy diet along with the right exercises to define the muscle and lose the body fat.

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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