Meet Lissa! From Creeping Weight Gain to Roller Derby Ready!

Meet Lissa! From Creeping Weight Gain to Roller Derby Ready!

Meet Lissa! From Creeping Weight Gain to Roller Derby Ready!Meet Lissa! From Creeping Weight Gain to Roller Derby Ready!

In Lissa’s words: “I’ve always been active, but for some time I had been re- lying on my younger days when I could eat whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences. Boy, the weight sure crept up on me. Too much eating on the go and mindless snacking were taking their toll.

I work in law enforcement [dealing] with some pretty intense cases, so I need to be physically fit for my own safety, and I was starting to push those limits. I’m a pretty daring person, and I learned how to roller skate when I was forty-two just so I could play roller derby. Roller derby requires a lot of athleticism—just what I needed to get my body back on track.

Getting on board, but not 100 percent

Finding Natalie Jill’s program online helped me get back on track. I immediately loved the message. I also loved that Natalie Jill was in her forties, had a child (I have three kids and two grand kids), and still looked amazing. Of all the fitness coaches out there, Natalie was the only one I felt a connection with. The twenty-year-old coaches are great, but who doesn’t look great at twenty?

When I was in my twenties, I was modeling and felt fantastic, but it was easy to maintain back then. I started my first Natalie Jill challenge in the beginning of the new year. I was on board, but I still wasn’t putting in 100 percent. I would cheat here and there, but still I was making some good progress. And then I had a big setback.

My pity party

I had been playing roller derby for two years, and I was doing great. I was trying hard to focus on eating clean, drinking water, and working out. Then one day in the spring I broke my leg during practice. I had a complete pity party and started to eat poorly again. I reverted back to all my bad habits and gained pretty much all of the weight I’d lost. I felt horrible—I was fatigued and had headaches all the time. I knew I needed to get with the program, because my health was suffering.

Getting back on track

After I had had enough of feeling sorry for myself, that summer I told myself that this time I would really commit to a second challenge. I began eat- ing well again, and for fitness I started with my upper body and core, then slowly brought back cardio and legs. Natalie Jill has so many workouts to choose from that I found there really was no excuse for not working out. I can’t say that I’ve been perfect, but I feel wonderful—my energy level is back and I don’t feel that constant fatigue that I was dealing with before.

A sign that I was doing things right

About five weeks into the challenge, I had guests staying with me, and I fell off a little. I immediately got a headache, the first headache I had since starting the challenge. I used to get headaches every single day, but I hadn’t had a single one during those five weeks. I wasn’t drinking enough water, and I wasn’t eating like I was supposed to, so this head- ache was telling me something. By following the program, not having a headache had become my new normal!

Getting back on my skates

For my second challenge, I really did my homework. I made a vision board. I did a lot of reading about health and nutrition. I didn’t just follow the rules; I really educated myself so I would have an understanding of why I needed to stay away from processed foods. Doing that has made it easier to make better choices. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far and I feel great. While I’m waiting for my doctor to clear me for full contact, I’m thrilled to be back on my skates and playing with my roller derby team again!”

Congratulations Lissa!

WHO wants to be next?

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