Meet Marabelle- 20 lbs and 23 inches GONE

Meet Marabelle- 20 lbs and 23 inches GONE


Oh my gosh I just received these updated pictures from Marabelle and I am speechless! (scroll down for the original transformation story). I just LOVE getting messages like these!


I’ve worked hard to get where I am but I’m not done yet

In Marabelle’s words: “Hi Natalie and team!  I just finished Natalie Jill’s Programs and wanted to send my progress pics and say THANK YOU for motivating me to set goals and go towards them.  Mind Body Academy really got me super focused on what I wanted out of life and working towards my fantasy goals.  Your programs increased my strength and I really starting to see some definition in my body.

Thank you for teaching me how to eat and motivating me to be consistent with my workouts.  I’ve worked hard to get where I am but I’m not done yet 🙂  Now I’m completely confident that I’ll be ripped by the end of this year!”


Marabelle is currently down 35 lbs and 31 inches and going strong!!!

20 lbs and 23 inches GONE for this mother of two!

Meet Marabelle, and read her story of how she DECIDED to transform her body and life! I LOVE this!

Meet Marabelle

In Marabelle’s words: “So here is my progress…I’m not calling them ‘before and after’ because I’m still working towards my goals of becoming the best me.

The first pictures you see was me on January 4 of this year. I was at my heaviest weight….even higher than both my pregnancy weights!!

I had NO energy and I felt terrible physically and emotionally. I was ready for a change, I signed up for Natalie Jill’s 30 day accountability group. We followed Natalie Jill’s 4 Week Jump Start.

I learned SO much about fitness and nutrition and the group was just what I needed to stay accountable. Natalie doesn’t just give you a program to follow, she shares everything she knows so you can build a healthy lifestyle of your own!Meet Marabelle

I learned how to build healthy meals and how to work out with the intensity needed to change my body. This has been HUGE for me….with what I learned in the 30 Day Jump Start Challenge and through Natalie I’ve been able to continue to see results and work toward my goals.

After the accountability group was done I started Natalie’s STRONGER program. I absolutely LOVE it!! It has been great for my confidence!

I’ve progressed my push-ups and am working towards pull ups now. Natalie is SO motivating and she truly cares about her clients and wants to help them succeed. She was just what I needed!Meet Marabelle

So thank you Natalie for changing my life!! Your programs not only taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight but they taught me to set goals and go after them.

I had stopped dreaming and now I have dream goals that I know will become a reality through hard work and focus. The biggest transformation has been inside.

Thank you again Natalie and team for helping me work towards my goals!!!!”


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