No Bingo Arms – The Workout

No Bingo Arms – The Workout

Nobody Wants Bingo Arms!

The Arm-azing Race – There is nothing that ruins confidence faster than “bingo arms”!  Nobody likes that loose skin that flaps when you wave your arm up shouting “Bingo!”  All women know that nothing ruins confidence faster than wearing that HOT new sleeveless dress and having to cover up and hide your arms because they just don’t look the way they should.  Toned arms make everyone look and feel better.  Tank tops and strapless dresses take on a whole new appeal with toned arms.

I am sharing one of my favorite arm workouts.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, you can try this workout for an effective arm blast!  My rule for this upper body arm workout is to workout with INTENSITY!

You should definitely break a sweat and be moving at a fast pace.  I want you to use lighter weights, concentrate on form, and FEEL your arm muscles working!

Another one of my FAVORITE “No Bingo Arms” Workouts HERE:

Warning! Don’t do this workout unless you want an effective fat burning workout that is sure to make lifting your arms a bit challenging for a few days afterwards.

Want to use WEIGHTS for a “No Bingo Arm” workout? Try THIS:

1.  Straight bar bicep curls – 25 reps – Standing straight with your feet shoulder width apart, stomach pulled in, and shoulders back; grab the bar with your palms faced up.  Keeping your elbows close to your sides with your arms extended, bend at the elbow and curl the weight straight up focusing on your bicep.  The weight should be light enough to do 25 reps, but heavy enough that the last 5-8 reps almost have you at failure. For an example of this, see the image to the right. For a gauge on what weight to use, I use a 25 lb bar for this. This may sound basic, but doing 25 reps with strict form, will have your biceps burning!

2.  Elbows ‘back’ bicep curl – 25 reps – Without rest, move into this exercise.  Starting the same as a bicep curl, in this exercise you will pull your elbows back as the weight comes up in a completely straight line.  The weight will travel in a straight line from your waist to your chest as you pull your elbows back.  Do 25 reps, and these should be challenging from the get go.  The last 10 reps should progressively get harder. You should be pushing yourself here! Keep the tempo consistent, and controlled…feel the burn in those biceps!

3. Bicep curls with dumbbells 45 degree angle – 25 reps- lock your elbows into your side, and curl the weight like a normal dumbbell curl, but rotate your thumbs out so that your arms are at a 45 degree angle to your body.

4.  Overhead triceps extension – 25 reps – Gripping a free weight over head elbows tucked in, 25 quick and forceful extensions over head making sure your fully contract your triceps and get full extension. Make sure you keep your elbows in close to your head and control the movement. 15-25 should get progressively harder! On 25, hold it in the up position for another 15 seconds. It will BURN but it is effective! For an example of this see the image to the right. For a gauge on what weight to use, I use a 20 lb weight for this exercise.

5.  Triceps dips–  25 reps – Find a bench or a chair. With your legs out in front of you, dip down and up- 25 of these at tempo. They should be challenging and burn at 25.

6.  Ab tucks – In the same place you did those triceps dips, move to an ab tuck- 50 here.

7.  50 jumping jacks – This is where you will really get your heart rate up! Have fun with this. The goal is to keep your heart rate up!

(Note:  I have demos of all these exercises on my YouTube Channel)

REPEAT all of the exercises above 3 times…and then you are DONE! If you are feeling aggressive, take it to a 4th round!  Now you can shout BINGO without feeling self conscious! 🙂

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