Notes with Natalie Newsletter Aug23

Notes with Natalie Newsletter Aug23

Notes With Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill

Here’s all the news you may have missed this week! The weekly Notes with Natalie newsletter is your go-to source for all things Aging In Reverse and Leveling up your life.

Now on to the weekly highlights…

OMG!! 100 episodes!! WHY I started something that has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition 😊

After years on the roller coaster of ups and downs (WHO CAN RELATE ) and 3 MASSIVE set backs (physical, financial and with my marriage) I was feeling totally defeated. I was feeling beat up and felt like I lost my creative energy. I wanted to know how do people that have had massive set backs recreate, level up and create EVERYTHING from NOTHING? How do they create from a place of feeling defeated?

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10 years ago I had an idea in my gut that started nagging at me… to make a fitness video with a flip camera with my friend and post it on Youtube.

Now that likely does not sound unusual to you but let me explain:

Fitness, nutrition, fat loss was not my career yet.

Instagram wasn’t born yet.

My Facebook was not the 2 mil it is now, it was just my high school friends. Continue reading here!



Awaken Your Potential with Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos Sifandos Social media accounts has posts daily that I find myself daily wanting to screen shot and forward to everyone I know. He has such an advanced awareness of masculine and feminine powers and how to develop a relationship that MORE than thrives.

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The Formula to Leveling Up Your Life

 WOW! 100 Episodes! How exciting is it that we’ve reached 100 episodes. It has truly been a journey and I am so happy to be doing this with you. This podcast has become my favorite thing to do…why? Because I’m able to learn from some of the worlds top performers.

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20 pounds GONE! Congratulations Veronika!

20 pounds GONE! Congratulations Veronika! Another inspiring Jump Start Success Story!

In Veronika’s Words: “I want to thank you so much. You inspire me and help me live a healthier life.

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I was talking to a good friend of mine today about her struggle with weight loss, health and confidence in her own skin.

She feels she self sabotages… AND:

-recognizes she’s privileged.

-has the time, the freedom, the money, the access to healthy foods, trainers, information and more.

So what was in her gap?

Why did she continue to self sabotage? She asked me for feedback.

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Are you waiting for results to happen TO YOU?

Are you waiting for results to happen TO YOU in order to “FEEL better”? It is time to rethink that plan. Ask yourself what would “SHE” do.

Let me explain…

So many times we have the story that “when I get THERE I will feel XYZ (insert random feeling here).

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