Day Drinking and FROse at Orfila Vineyards in Escondido

Day Drinking and FROse at Orfila Vineyards in Escondido

Day Drinking and “FROse” at Orfila Vineyards and Winery in Escondido

HAVE YOU TRIED A FRO-se? (Frozen rose) I certainly did not mean to “day drink” at 3 pm for yesterdays Day 4 expansion exercise but it was a lesson in control vs surrender… let me explain.Frose at Orfila Vineyards

I had intended to go visit this unique art park and enrolled my very new friend Becca into going with me… (it was like a blind friend date haha we’d never hung out before!) it was quite the drive to the park …. And then, well, IT WAS CLOSED

No problem… I am working on my go with the flow attitude so I knew we would find something else to do… so we opened google maps and found a cool bridge and a lake to walk across. Bingo we thought! Except when we got there the lake was TOTALLY DRIED UP… we are in a drought … whoops! Next!

Should we give up?

So Becca suggested we go back to my house and create fun content but I was COMMITTED do my 30 days of doing something I do not normally do so I pulled up google maps again.

We were near a BUNCH of wineries which looked beautiful! However, we both BARELY drink and certainly not during the day.

So I surrendered.

I mean it’s about new and different experiences.


We learned about wine.

We toured.

We had an amazing FROse (frozen rose) I did not even know that was a thing!

We enjoyed the beautiful real life no filter scenery.

We had a bunch of laughs.


Trying to control things NEVER works.

and yesterday was a huge reminder to me of the importance of surrender, “being” and going with the flow!

Things always work out when we do.




Natalie Jill

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