Overweight and Embarrassed to Spartan Fit

Overweight and Embarrassed to Spartan Fit

Overweight and embarrassed to spartan fit!

See how one girl went from being embarrassed to wear jeans and climb even ONE flight of stairs due to her weight, to completing the Spartan Race and getting Spartan fit! Meet Tanya and learn how she overcame her weight loss struggles and is on her way to accomplishing some big lifetime goals!

In Tanya’s words:

Jeans no longer fit me and I was embarrassed

My love of junk and fast-food helped sky rocket my weight from 160 to 210 pounds! It was so embarrassing to come up with reasons why I wanted to take the elevator for one floor when all my friends would take the stairs. Secretly I didn’t want them to know I was winded and sweaty after that little bit of exercise, or to the fact that I resorted to wearing stretchy pants because jeans no longer fit me well. Still this wasn’t enough to get me to change my eating habits.

I tried every “diet”

I tried so many diets that I lost track. I did Nutrisystem, I did Visalus shakes, I tried online grocery lists, and even strictly counted calories. They would work for a while, but then I would gain all my weight back and more. Eventually I noticed that after every meal, I would feel bloated and nauseous but still refused to listen to my body. It wasn’t until one year later that my doctor told me my blood tests weren’t good.

Going gluten free…

After numerous blood tests and biopsies I was finally diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, which was truly a blessing in disguise. Going gluten free did not happen over night. I started slowing cutting gluten out of my life. Soon after, I decided that I needed the gym more than I needed the dietary change.

The harder I worked, the harder it was and the scale stopped budging

So I joined a kickboxing class. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but what a transformation it was! I saw my weight go from 210 to 180! I felt great, but then I stopped losing weight. I then decided to try a harder class, thinking it would kick start my metabolism again. I joined a crossfit class called Hamfit. It was so much more intense than anything I was used to, but it challenged me and pushed me to keep going. After attending this class for a few months, the scale still wasn’t budging.

Jump Start to the rescue!

Frustrated, I would talk about my issues at work.  Then one day my co-worker said to me  “With your love of fitness and having Celiacs Disease, I think I found a great facebook page to help give you some food and nutrition advice”.

On that day my life changed!

I was introduced to Natalie Jill and  I decided to write her a message, never expecting a reply back. Well she proved me wrong!  Shortly thereafter, I had an e-mail response with answers to my questions…from Natalie! I was shocked that she would actually take the time to reply and help me out even if I had yet to make a purchase! Motivated, I decided to purchase the jump start program!

Jump Start to Spartan Race!

While at a Hamfit class one day, the instructor mentioned that he would take part in the Spartan Race to be held in Montreal, Quebec. I felt too embarrassed to sign up along with everyone else even if I really did want to run the obstacle course. After 4 weeks on the jump start program I saw my weight go from 167 to 153 and I really started to feel “fit”. It was great to feel well in my own skin, and it pushed me to prove to myself that I could be good enough to run a Spartan Race!

I did it… Spartan Fit!

I did it! I signed up for the Spartan race! I trained so very hard, and with the help of the jump start program, I was loosing 2 to 3 pounds a week! The transformation in my body was unlike anything I had seen ever before, and I hit my lowest weight EVER as an adult! 143 lbs!!!

What a fantastic feeling! I ran my Spartan race, and never quit and it was such a huge accomplishment. I am still not done with my weight loss journey, but I know now that I have found the perfect balance thanks to Natalie Jill. It took a long time but Natalie really made me understand that food and exercise must work together. I am now still working towards being fit, and I am on my way to becoming an RCMP officer! Something I had never dreamed would be a reality for me. Hopefully the next time I write a blog I will have reached my weight loss goal and I will be a Mountie (really extraordinary for us Canadians)! I truly hope to keep you all posted!!!

In Tanya's words spartan fit


WOW! Quite the journey that Tanya has been on! What I love is her sense of accountability and her REFUSAL to give up!  She has taken control of her life through working out and nutrition and challenging herself time and time again.  Tanya!  Keep it up!

Natalie Jill

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