Packing for a Photo Shoot

Packing for a Photo Shoot

Packing for a photo shoot with Stylist Holly Dean and Natalie Jill:

Whether you are an experienced model or  getting ready for your very first photo shoot there are several things that are as important as all of the time you put into making you body look perfect for the shoot!

We are not talking about the photographer (of COURSE that is important!) but somethings that you can control: The STYLING of the shoot. Our first recommendation is to HIRE a great stylist and makeup artist. If a stylist is out of your budget here are some tips to help you pack the right stuff for your shoot.

Bring the Luggage! This is one time not to worry about over-packing! The MORE the better. You want choices. Just because you love something doesn’t mean it is going to look right on camera so make sure you have plenty to choose from.
The Basics to include: Several swimsuits (they are small so you can fit a lot in your bag!), several fitness outfits in bold colors, cocktail attire and some simple casual clothes. A GREAT staple outfit  to bring  is the old  pair of simple jeans and simple “wife beater” tank tops.With these four categories of clothing you will have several outfits to work with. When choosing between outfits opt for solid bright colors vs. prints. You can make the statement with your makeup and accessories rather then the outfit itself.
Must have Additions: Accessories are a MUST to bring to any shoot. You can jazz up anything with accessories. Items to ALWAYS have on hand and to think about:
What can you do with your hair?  Some acessory ideas: Baseball caps, sailor caps, visor, straw hats, cowboy hats, fidoras, bandanas, beanies, flowers, headbands, and ribbon. Even if these are items you normally would NOT wear out with friends, bring it to the shoot! A great photographer paired with a great model will look out of the world with some great head/hair accessories.
Earrings– The bigger the better! Bring those hoops, dangles, large faux diamonds studs, feathers, jewels, etc…
Neck(laces)Think BOLD!  Chains, strands, pearls, diamonds, chokers, scarfs, ties, bow, (golds, silvers, bronze, and charms) are always great choices. You would be surprised what bold necklaces can do for a simple bikini!
Wrists Load them up! Bring lot’s of choices that include: bracelets, bangles, cuffs, chains, leather, lace and gloves.
Rings  Bold gems, stones and bands work best..
Shoes– Always have 2-3 at the minimum of the same.  There are several categories here so don’t leave any of them out… Heels,  tennis shoes, wedges, and boots. The bolder the boot the funner the photo! Our suggestion is to make sure there’s a variety of color shades in light & dark (from clear-nudes to brown-blacks)

Additional Items – To get the MOST out of your shoot be sure to pack lot’s of snacks to keep your energy up, water. towles, face wipes, baby wipes, a brush, your makeup kit (for touch ups), hairspray and my favorite for smooth and glowing skin- body butter
Best of Luck at your shoots… We look forward to seeing your fabulous images!
Written by:
-Holly Dean (with her experience as a Stylist and Expert Make Up Artist) and
-Natalie Jill (with her experience as a Fitness and Commercial Model)



Natalie Jill

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