What Pickle Ball Taught Me

What Pickle Ball Taught Me

What Pickle Ball Taught Me

Pickleball HAVE YOU PLAYED PICKLE-BALL YET? For day 7 of my 30 day expansion challenge I did a pickle ball clinic. It was only the second time I’d tried to play. To me it feels like a cross between tennis , badminton and ping pong.

The most challenging parts to me was:

Unlearning what I’ve learned from tennis. The ball has much less power and you are using a hard paddle.

Controlling the power (I hit the ball hard from tennis training) my friend who played with us said she was “scared of me lol”

Not getting killed by the automatic ball spitting machine thingy. Dang… I have bruises all over from that thing.

Surrendering to being a beginner and a student. This theme keeps coming up for me!!

I have to continually remind myself that all I have learned in my 50 years of life has gotten me to right here, right now and if I want to expand I get to learn NEW THINGS as a student.

Jim, my team mate for much of it was so patient with me explain it the “rules” and repeating them to me every time I forgot them lol (which was a LOT) shared with me that he views pickle ball as a “ Team sport that’s about having fun and being social and not about being competitive with each-other…” Dang, what an awesome metaphor for what we should all strive for in life!

Pickleball ClinicThe instructor who lead the clinic, told me to channel my inner Labrador… I needed to be more “all over the place” haha.. perfect, finally a sport that wants to enhance my ADHD

Anyways… it was super fun, challenging, social and a bit of a workout!





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