SIX Steps To Create Change

SIX Steps To Create Change

SIX Things That MUST Be In Place To Create Change

Do you ever wonder why you seem to never accomplish what you set out to do? Do you wonder why the motivation to change starts out fierce but soon fizzles off with excuses and then acceptance?

Consider this, maybe there is more to it then “will power” or “good luck.” Consider that there may be 6 critical things that are not in place. Without these 6 things in place, CHANGE won’t happen and last.

1.  You have to believe it to achieve it

Belief – It always seems easier to get back to a place you once knew. If at one time you were fit and your ideal weight but lost your way you will likely have an easier time returning to that once great place because you knew it before. If you have never ever felt great about yourself and never at any time been at your ideal state then you likely don’t believe that is possible. You may try different things but if deep down you don’t “believe” you can be a certain way they tend to self sabotage. If you feel that no workout plan or program will ever work for you because you have not gotten the results you want prior well then guess what? It will never work for you! To change this you have to change your mind set. You have to look at things the way a child would. With a sense of wonder and curiosity and a very open mind. Let go of the idea that something will not work for you and BELIEVE that it will.

2.  Let go of comfort zones

Comfort – We tend to always go back to comfort zones. When the workout gets too “uncomfortable” or “hard” or when the meal plan gets too “complicated” we automatically go back to comfort. Our bodies and our minds know how to quickly adjust to be comfortable again. You have to get UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to become comfortable with new results. Until we shift our definition of comfort our old ways and habits will continue to pop up.

3.  Get really really selfish

“What is it for me” – There has to be a reward. You have to know why you are fighting the good fight. If you are trying to lose weight for someone else it will be very hard to make the change. You have to dig deep and really understand what is in it for you. I talk to clients all of the time who say “I want to get thin for vanity but I can’t stick to the plan”. I understand why! When you are curled up in sweats on the couch with the TV on and bags of chips calling your name VANITY at that moment is not important to you! So, you revert back to “comfort”. The way to address this is to think through your deep goals. The “why” you want this. How will  it make you FEEL to reach your goal? Will it improve your relationship? Your business? Consider making a vision board to look at daily as a reminder to what is in it for you.

4.  Knowledge is power

Knowledge – You have to know what to do. Spend time learning and researching. Don’t just “follow a plan” learn why it is good and why it will work. Don’t take someones word for something. Rather, learn about it, understand it. When you understand why too much sugar is not great for you or why doing certain exercises a certain way are effective you will be more longer to commit and push past your comfort zone.

5.  Stop trying and start committing

Commit don’t try – Once you know what to do and how to do it, commit to it. Trying will never work. Commit and conquer.

6.  Consistency is everything

Consistency – The most important step at all is this one right here. You have to be consistent. It did not take you a short period of time to get off track. It can’t ALL be undone in a day, a week or a month. Be consistent, push through, commit to making things happen and a you new will emerge.

So there you have it.  Get those 6 things in place and hang on!!  …because your life is going to change for the better and take you places you could never imagine!!!

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

Natalie Jill

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