Skincare Challenges as We Age

Skincare Challenges as We Age

For me I’m learning that less makeup and tinkering is BEST at age 50. Even though I’ve always loved “more”

The more I try cover up or “fix” things, the more it starts not looking amazing on aging skin.

For example, I used to LOVE Spray tanning. Now I hate it. All it does is make my spots look darker , like I have a gazillion age spots and makes my skin look dry.

And our eyes… can we talk about those?! I swear, they shrink (or appear to shrink) with age.

I also have a long history of LOVING False Lashes but have found that those permanent lash extensions have an allergic reaction on me. AND if I try to do the trendy eye makeup looks, they make my eyes look extra droopy since we have more loose skin as we age!

I also find lip liner doesn’t work well as I age too – it bleeds. Clear or neutral glosses work best.

I AM obsessed with “brow lamination”… that’s a score for us. It makes our once over plucked eyebrows look full again!

And glitter and sparkly anything is a big fat No or I look like the 80s exploded.

And my BEST beauty “friends” these days?

I have several things in my arsenal that I swear by…. BUT first, a REALLY REALLY REALLY good lighting. And of course a great makeup artist and photographer doesn’t hurt lol

Some of my other favorites?

FIRST, a A great liquid marine collagen  Marine COLLAGEN to be exact. That is IDEAL or hair, skin and nails. AND, powder collagens we only absorb at 30%! When we do a LIQUID version we absorb 90% SCORE! This is the  Collagen Elixir

That I swear by. It is infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals. It is a seriously  powerful beauty blend of superfoods.

A NEXT must? My skincare line … what I use TOPICALLY. I use a combination of the Cellutoi Skincare Line    (especially the eye cream!) And my good friend Natalias

Katya Love  line. ESPECIALLY her Camera Ready Transformation oil. I use it every evening after doing my night time skin care routine and in the morning, I mix it with my sunblock. This Oil is a MUST HAVE. (Use code NatalieJill for 15% off)





If you want to check out more of my favorite products, CLICK HERE for my full supplement guide.



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