How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Brand – PODCAST

How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Brand – PODCAST

How To Use Pinterest to Grow Your Brand and Following – Podcast!social media marketing with michael stelzner podcast

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Michael Stelzner  for his Social Media Marketing Podcast! This was an honor because The Social Media Marketing Podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner, hosted by Michael Stelzner and is designed to help busy  marketers and business owners discover what REALLY works with social media. Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner, author of several books, and the man behind large social media events, such as Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit. He interviewed me on how to use Pinterest to grow your brand and following.Michael Stelzner interviews Natalie Jill for Social Media Marketing Podcast

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I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Michael in this episode of his podcast. As founder of Natalie Jill Fitness, my goal is to inspire women around the world with my videos and visual content. To make this possible, I have a special social media strategy that has helped my gain 1.3 million Facebook fans and +480,000 Instagram fans.

On This Episode of Social Media Marketing

Do you want to know how I even got started with social media?  It started with a picture. Of Food. And now I have over 1.3 million likes on Facebook and over 480,000 Instagram followers. Ironically enough, I use Pinterest as my not-so-secret marketing tool to grow ALL of my social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  On this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast I share ALL of what I did with you and teach you “why” Pinterest is so valuable. In addition, I  share the unique strategies on How to use Pinterest to Grow Your brand and your Following through social media. You can listen to the entire podcast HERE 

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Michael Stelzner interviews Natalie Jill for Social Media Marketing Podcast

Listen to How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Following on Facebook, YouTube and Beyond here. 

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