An Accident, 4 Years in Bed, And…

An Accident, 4 Years in Bed, And…

225 Pain Pills A Week…

“Some days and situations the only thing we can control is our attitude. There is always someone somewhere worse off than me so I choose to stay positive despite the negativeness around me”- Susan Brooks

Stay Positive Meet Susan Brooks. She is a 37 year old wife and mother to  3 children. She is like a lot of us, except for her story…

In Susan’s words:  In 2006 I was struck by a truck. The accident was fairly minor, just a small break in my right foot. I really didn’t think much about it until 2 weeks went by and my entire leg quadrupled in size and started to look like it might burst. My pain was through the roof yet no doctors could explain why. Within 6 months it had mirrored to the other side, then spread full my entire body.

Life as she new it was GONE: Within a year the pain was so bad I couldn’t even wear clothing and worse I was unable to hold, hug or kiss my children and husband. I was told I was terminal and that I needed to have my legs amputated. AMPUTATED!!


She was told she was going to die: Since I was TOLD I was going to die, I chose not to amputate. What was the point if I was going to die anyways? For 4 years I laid in bed. Yes- 4 years in bed. I took upwards of 225 pain pills a week plus a variety of other medications.  I was depressed.  I was rock bottom. I ballooned from a size  6 to a 18. My kids started rebelling (because of the stress we were all under constantly) and my marriage fell apart. I laid there wishing and waiting to die.

Her dads last wish: My father fell ill and a month before he passed away he prayed that I would live and he would die. I know this sounds like a “yeah right” moment, but 1 morning shortly after that, I woke up and my legs were tingly, the feeling spread throughout my body and my pain level dropped by half instantly, my left leg relaxed and uncurled. The next day I was able to get out of bed and stand with help. I went to see my dad and showed him.I’ll never forget that smile that went across his face. He died a few weeks later.

She DECIDED to fight for her family and for HERSELF: My doctors had told me no exercise at all and strict bed rest. They had told me that I would never walk again. I had listened to them for a few yrs while I wasted away and got wider and wider. I decided in honor of my dad, I was going to keep fighting. The doctors said it was impossible and that I WOULD still die. I didn’t listen. They wouldn’t allow physical therapy so I did it myself starting with leg lifts and lifting water bottles – while lying in bed.

She was determined: It took me 8 months but I got off  their medications. I started exercising by doing leg lifts in bed and lifting water bottles. I researched clean eating and each week I would change 1 unhealthy thing about my diet or add a new healthy food. I didn’t give up.

Susan is back: Today, almost 2 years later I am back to a size 6.  I am NOT going to die. I HAVE both my legs and I CAN walk. I went from 4 dystonic limbs to 1, my family is put back together, I only have to take 1 pill per day and I feel AMAZING. I proved them wrong and you CAN too. Stick with it, one baby step at a time and you can do anything, even the impossible. -Susan Brooks

Thank you Susan for sharing your amazing journey. Susan was determined, motivated,

and decided to take back her life and she is doing terrific! Nutrition and physical exercise played an instrumental role in her come-back. There is so much you can’t control…but you can always control your nutrition!

-Natalie Jill

If you are going through your own challenging time right now, take control of your health – once you feel that you have control of your own body, that sense of control will expand to other areas of your life. Controlling what you put in your body is something you can ALWAYS control in our uncontrollable world.

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