What does stressed success looks like? ( hint: not smart success )

What does stressed success looks like? ( hint: not smart success )

This is what STRESSED Success looks like…  (it doesn’t have to be that way…read on…and get 3 amazing bonuses along the way!)

stressed success natalie jill Seriously, until recently I thought my friends were CRAZY when they would ask me if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee and catch up (in the middle of the day of course!)

UGH- I would think “who has time for THAT!” I was 24-7 STRESSED with a never ending to do list. In fact, some days I would get so busy that I would joke with my business partner that we may need to change NatalieJillFitness to NatalieJillFatness because I was running out of time each day to take care of myself.

When I left corporate America to start my own business I assumed that running my own business would give me MORE free time but I assumed wrong.

As my business grew I started to feel like the days were getting away from me. I would spend all day working on all kinds of things and although I was getting ahead I just felt like my to do list was bottomless.

The more I did, the more ideas I got and the more stressed I was becoming. No matter how much I was doing each day the work load NEVER stopped.

Here is what stressed success looks like:

My boyfriend would annoy me because he would come to give me a hug and I would bite his head off because I was in the middle of answering a social media post.

My dog would annoy me because her panting was distracting me…

My daughter would ask me ten times when I would stop working

I couldn’t sleep because my to do list would not leave my head alone.

I would get annoyed at my friends for asking to hang out because I thought “they don’t get it… they don’t have to work like I do”

Laundry wasn’t getting done, house was getting unorganized and although I live a few blocks form the beach I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to just go hang out at the beach and just “tune out!”

I SERIOUSLY sometimes felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel scheduling every second of your day with no wiggle room? My GOSH! Who the heck has time for a coffee break! And then I learned…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I finally “got it”. And I LEARNED ‘Smart Success’ from my friend Chalene.

I learned how to fix this.

My friend Chalene Johnson is on a mission to help people make a change… to get people off the hamster wheel, and I’m totally on smart successboard.

If you haven’t met Chalene yet, she’s a New York Times Best-Selling Author and the founder of the SMART Success Academy.

She has built and sold several multimillion dollar businesses and in the process, she figured out how to take her life from “stressed success” to “smart success”…and she’s sharing how you can do that, too.

The SMART Success Academy is a system that nobody else teaches…and in my 20 years in corporate America, I never saw ANYTHING like it.

Chalene only opens this course once a year because it’s a movement, and it’s important we do it together.  The included LIVE event is NOT-to-be-missed!
Like all of her trainings, it will sell out fast.


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Since I wholeheartedly believe in this program, and I want YOU to TAKE ACTION, I am throwing in some AMAZING bonuses with it to sweeten the pot!!   (Must use my links…)

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2. 8+ hours of video how to build your brand and business online ($1000 value)  (coming Oct/Nov).  Professional video of my intensive 2-day LIVE workshop including screen capture of all the technical stuff, so YOU can follow along.


3.  My yet to be released program on how to grow your social media with Pinterest ($247 value) (coming Oct/Nov).  I’m SUPER excited about this program…and I know you will be too!Combine Smart Success with these bonuses, and THIS is how you begin taking steps toward your blueprint and dream life…steps I started taking about a year ago.

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Don’t put the life you deserve on hold another year.
It’s YOUR turn!

Seriously,  you do NOT want to stay stuck in “stressed success!”

It sucks.  Just know, that with the right tools you can STOP it.

Watch this video and say goodbye to ‘stressed success’…and HELLO to Smart Success! 🙂

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill


PS.  I believe in this program so much, that is why I’m throwing in over $1500 in BONUSES to sweeten the pot for YOU!

PPS.  Yes, I’m an affiliate, and yes, I get a commission.  BUT, I don’t really care if you buy or not.  Once you see the value in what Chalene says, and test it, you will be THRILLED!!  Just like I was…   Here is the link again.



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