Strong Board Coupon Code

Strong Board Coupon Code

Strong Board and a special Coupon Code for you 🙂

So you all KNOW how much I love bodyweight training! I especially love when I find new equipment that you can use at home that allows you to PROGRESS your bodyweight exercises. Progression is the key to changing your body and muscle growth so this new tool gets an A + in my book!

Loving the new StrongBoard provides a complete core workout simply by standing on it. Um…Sold!

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What exactly is StrongBoard and why would you want one?

Strong Board with Natalie Jill You can take Strongboard ANYWHERE: It is portable and electricity-free.

You MAXIMIZE bodyweight training in a short amount of time: Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercise.

It helps you get FUNCTIONALLY FIT! The Primary function of StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles. Working those stabalizer muscles improves your functional fitness rapidly- SCORE!  When you perform once basic exercises, such as squats or push ups, StrongBoard Balance helps you get results much faster than traditional core workouts targeting the same muscle groups.

How StrongBoard Balance Works:

StrongBoard Balance has 4 individual compression springs situated between a base and a platform. The unique affect of StrongBoard Balance is how the springs work once weight is applied. When you stand on the board, the springs compress and your body searches for stabilization. Because of the force applied to the springs from the user’s body weight, StrongBoard Balance will not allow stabilization to occur. Every muscle contracts in search of the stability it is used to on solid ground. As long as you are ON the board, compression in the springs will keep muscles in contraction the entire time.

NJFit TWEETit: Balancing on a StrongBoard increases the intensity of your most basic #bodyweight workouts. #FunFact @NatalieJillFit

Sports Training Strong Board with Natalie Jill

Balance is something easily taken for granted, until it is gone. People of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels may soon find themselves on the ground, with scraped knees and bruised or broken limbs, and only then is it realized that balance is an integral aspect of daily life. Balance is also integral to most sports; and improving balance can help all players take their game to the next level. StrongBoard Balance has the versatility to train athletes for improved balance recovery, (as well as the core strength and power necessary), to play any game.  Want one?

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Excuses or Solutions… YOU decide! -Natalie Jill



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