Strong Magazine Cover Aging in Reverse

Strong Magazine Cover Aging in Reverse

Strong Magazine Cover this Fall is embracing those of us committed to Aging in Reverse!

Soooooo, This just happened! Right after my 48th birthday! I am so humbled, honored and grateful! See ladies, we are not too old and it’s not too late! Here is how it went down…

Here is how I landed a cover at age 48

So first, the back story… Many of you don’t know that I did not even get started in my fitness journey until my late 30’s! You see, once upon a time, I lost my house, my retirement, my marriage ended and I gained a lot of weight. I was a new single mom who was out of shape, broke and depressed. I was at ROCK BOTTOM. I felt doomed.I had all kinds of nagging “False Assumed Truths” that I believed about myself. I felt too old, too broke, too overweight and too depressed to do anything. I had so many of what I call “Self Imposed Stops” that were in my way. Something had to shift. My beliefs weren’t working for me.

This Just Happened with Natalie Jill

You are not too old and it is not too late (ever!)

I started by changing my STATE. I decided I was NOT those self imposed stops and I created a vision for MORE.In a nutshell, I turned it all around, got my life back and became an inspiration to others. 13 covers later, (the best being in my mid to later 40’s!) I now kill FAT for a living. The Fat on bodies AND that F.A.T. getting in the way.

How did I Get COVER READY?

Well,  I Decided to turn it all around.

Once I changed my STATE, I DECIDED to fix things. I got rid of those False Aggravating Truths (F.A.T) and the Fat on my body released soon after. I put everything I knew into play- From changing my STATE, to planning my PLATE and learning to lose and love my WEIGHT.

I did NOT starve myself. I didn’t try any fad “quick fixes”, I didn’t do dangerous diet pills and I didn’t do unhealthy calorie restrictions…I used a FORMULA.
I worked out with my OWN body weight with LIMITED TIME at home. I used the same formula that is now outlined in many of my programs beginning with my 7 day Jump Start program the ORIGINAL PLAN.

It worked for me, It worked for many of my mom friends, And THAT is what inspired me to create the original 7 day Jump Start Program for others like YOU.

OK do now fast forward… Age 48. I practice what I preach. So much so that I started a new movement Aging In Reverse. This is for women that are NOT accepting aging gracefully or that they are “too old” or that it is “too late”

This formula works…. EVEN when “life” gets in the way and we take a “I want to eat donuts for my birthday” break… lol

You see, TRUE STORY:  I was eating a box of bday Gluten Free donuts when they messaged me and asked me to be on the cover. I had a layer of a fluffy stuff situation going on. It was my bday month! I was not worried because I knew deep down I could super easily get back on track with my fundamentals.

I looked at my husband, threw away the donuts, went back to the eating plan I know so well and in ten days was back and cover ready for this.


This is STRONG Fitness Mag Nov/Dec issue, and it’s their STRONG At Any Age special! It hits stands in November 😊😊 you can subscribe to the mag now with promo Natalie3 to save and get it before it hits stands!

THIS is also why I built my aging in reverse community! To help you turn back the clock THRIVE at any age.



Natalie Jill

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Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps woman Age In Reverse and level up their lives! Natalie Jill is the author of two best selling books "7 Day Jump Start- Unprocess Your Diet" and "Aging in Reverse" and has been recognized from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. She is also the creator and host of the top ranking podcast Leveling Up Creating Everything from Nothing. . To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile.

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