The case for fake eyelashes

The case for fake eyelashes

The case for fake eyelashesNJ moxielash

When your husband ask if you really need fake lashes… Do I really need you Brooks?

Lol ok kidding I need both. Oh, WAIT… you thought my lashes were REAL? Nope.

BUT seriously though…heck.. quarantine, arm in a cast for 7 week (finally off yay!), stay at home orders in place, it’s easy to default to leggings, scrunchies and no makeup.

But here is what I know for sure about our mood

Getting put together, doing our hair, our makeup LASHES TOO makes us feel SO GOOD. It changes our mood, and our attitude.

The salons are closed.We can’t get our nails done. The dang eyelash places are closed…

I totally get these are not big problems at all. I am not implying that they are AND, we can put ourselves together at home and change our whole mood. And feeling better and more confident makes everything feel a whole lot better. And we can show up for ourselves (or a date night at home with our significant other)

Why I love Fake Lashes

At 48 years old, and as an author of the best selling book Aging in Reverse, I am ALL ABOUT anything that can take some years off our looks and how we feel. LASHES are a simple, quick thing that can take YEARS off our looks. Don’t believe me? Watch this short video below. Now,  we are being silly with Brooks doing my MoxieLashes to show you how quick and easy they are to put on but you will also see in the video how many years the 2 second MoxieLash fix takes off my face!

Watch Brooks Do my MoxieLashes HERE:

Brooks was such a good sport. Y’all they are seriously so easy to use. If he can do it- big fingers and all- You for SURE can!Want to try them? If you order them I do have a discount for you! Go HERE and use coupon natalie10

Eyelashes take YEARS off the look of your fac

Look in the above video! I show one eye with them and the other without! You can totally see the difference lashes make on our face!

OK, you talked fast, how do we put the MoxieLashes on?

Step ONE

Order Moxie Lashes! Be sure to use code Natalie10 (I do NOT receive any affiliate commission for you using that, I just want you to have the discount!)I Recommend starting with a natural pair like “Baby” AND a more Glam pair like “Wifey” or “Sassy”. Make sure to grab either their liquid liner or their gel liner too. As I write this blog I have only tried the liquid liner and LOVE IT but I have heard that the gel liner is terrific for more sensitive eyes.

Step TWO

Line the lid of your eye! And then wait at LEAST one minute until it is completely dry.



Use tweezers, your hands or even better, the Moxie Lash tool to grab the lashes from the case and to help you place them



Step Four

Place the lashes! They VERY EASILY attach to the liner!



FAQ’s about MoxieLashes

Ok, So NOW for the questions many of you have been asking me since I started sharing about the MoxieLashes:

How Do I know which ones to order?

MoxieLash offers an array of different shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s different tastes and needs. Can’t narrow down your choices? You can reach out directly to a  MoxieLash specialist through their website HERE and they will take the time to talk to you about your eye shape and preference to help you find your perfect match!

Is the eyeliner bad for my eyes?

According to the MoxieLash Website, Absolutely not! The eyeliner contains a magnetic powder made from iron, which rates a 2 for safety with the EWG. They don’t use heavy metals or parabens in their liners. They, at MoxieLash, always want their customers to remain safe, so if you do have eye problems or have had surgery, please consult your doctor to make sure that magnetic lashes are right for you.

According to them, your MoxieLash is also safe to wear with your contacts and glasses. You won’t feel any difference between wearing the two when you have your MoxieLash Lashes on. THIS I can attest to! I wear them frequently with my reading glasses or sunglasses.

How long does the MoxieLash Liner Last?

As with all makeup, there is an expiration date of your MoxieLash makeup before it can become more difficult to use. With both the gel and liquid liner this limit is around 5 months once your product is opened. This is due to both oxygen and bacteria from the facial region getting into the product and hardening the substance. To slow this process down, we recommend ensuring that your product is closed securely at all times when not using your MoxieLash.

How Long will your MoxieLashes Last?

30 uses days with proper care

How do you clean Moxie Lashes?

Here is a great video on how to clean and extend the life of your lashes with MoxieLash

For best results, they do  do recommend cleaning your lash magnets between each use with oil free micellar water meant for waterproof makeup. Using a clean q-tip and the micellar water, you can clean your lashes with both precision and a gentle touch to remove any liner collected on the magnets throughout the day. They’ll be ready to help you slay the day the next time you use them!

They  do not recommend using your MoxieLash makeup remover q-tips on your MoxieLash lashes. Nor do they recommend using any product with oils on your lashes to clean them as oil is a natural adhesive remover and may damage your lashes permanently.

Want to learn more or order a pair of your own MoxieLashes? Go HERE and use coupon Natalie10 to save!


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