The Nutrition School and Keri Glassman

The Nutrition School and Keri Glassman

My new BFF and your new favorite teacher!

What is the nutrition school with Natalie Jill I just LOVE Keri Glassman.  If you don’t know her yet, she could be what your life was missing.  Her contagious energy and passion for nutrition and life pours out of her!

I met her while on a recent trip to New York City and I seriously don’t know how I have gotten through the last 44 years without her in my life!

Not only did we click as friends, but we are so on the same page when it comes to nutrition!

I had to learn more and as I dug in with questions I was thrilled to learn that she actually has a Nutrition School where she teaches others to not only up THEIR nutrition game, but she trains and empowers others to be able to help OTHERS with nutrition! Oh, and guess what? Yours truly is a Guest Expert. I give a lecture on how to up your social media game!

So, without further rambling from me, more about Keri Glassman…

She’s the founder of, she coaches personal nutrition clients in her NYC office, and is also a regular nutrition expert on shows like The Today Show and Dr. Oz. She’s a contributing editor and on the advisory board for Yahoo Health and Women’s Health Magazine and had a weekly column in People Magazine. Enter Keri’s The Nutrition School, a 12­-week online course to help the next generation of nutritionists, fitness professionals, health coaches, and so many others reach the top of their game and become Nutritious Life Certified.

What is The Nutrition School?


Tell us about your journey! How did you decide to become a registered dietitian, and how did you become one of today’s top nutritionists in America?

My love of food and nutrition started way back… I always say I was BORN to do what I’m doing! My childhood friend tells me she remembers me being in Mr. S’s 7th grade science class and saying “My body is craving vitamin E, I am going to eat almonds!” Was I that dorky?!? I guess so! But, clearly nutrition and being GOOD to your body (not simply “dieting”) was innate.

I don’t have the story of being 50 or 100 pounds overweight and learning to like healthy food and changing my life etc etc etc. I always liked healthy food (and junk too!!) and I always liked to exercise ­ but I struggled big time with 15 or so pounds that made me “mental.”

As I say to my clients, 5 pounds or 105 pounds overweight, if you battle (some people have full on wars!) with being “on” or “off” a diet and that “all or nothing” attitude, you know the emotional drain is all the same.

The Nutrition School with Natalie Jill I was a college athlete and drinking diet soda and smoking to keep weight down was NOT an option. I needed (and wanted!) to fuel my body to be my best on the athletic field BUT also look good in my skinny jeans on Saturday night. Thus, my passion for being HEALTHY, THIN and FIT continued…

When I graduated from college and began working at Sports Illustrated in sales, I would sit and read Health Magazine instead of doing my work! That’s when I knew I needed to pursue my passion, so I went back to school for my masters. Studying nutrition combined my love of food with my nerdy interest in science and a super strong desire to be a helper.

Fast forward… When I started my practice, I began in a small office by myself. I worked and hustled to build a client base and when I was a year in, hired my first dietitian to work with me.  I had an opportunity to do a national FOX segment  and immediately fell in love with tv. That’s when I realized I really could reach more than just the people coming into my office.

From there, I wrote my first book,  started a nutrition bar company, began working for Women’s Health magazine as a contributor etc. 10+ years later, I built a team of 5 RD’s, I’m on book #5 and started The Nutrition School ­­an online nutrition school ­­and have had a whole LOT of ups and downs in between!

Tell us more about The Nutrition School!

The Nutrition School with Natalie Jill My mission when I created The Nutrition School was to share my philosophy and methodology online for other super motivated wellness professionals who are looking for some career guidance and direction.

If I can help others avoid the mistakes I made over the years, teach them my successes to expedite their own successes, and give them a roadmap to help them and their own clients reach their goals, then I have truly accomplished my original Nutritious Life mission ­­ to help as many people as possible take their nutrition up as many notches as possible.

We designed this program for RDs and nutritionists, fitness professionals and health coaches, and others looking for next­ level nutrition education. From meal planning to the latest nutritional breakthroughs, counseling clients and launching your business, we’ve designed the program around the biggest problems we’ve seen in the nutrition industry.

We go beyond just a textbook to answer specific real ­life questions, offer more to your clients (and teach you how to get them!), and grow your business and brand to help you reach more people in your local market…or become a national presence.

We keep the classes small and intimate so that we all really get to work together and you get 1­on­1 time with me, and we only open 3 classes a year so we can indeed give the best experience to everyone who enrolls.

TNS consists of over 12 hours The Nutrition School with Natalie Jill of webinars covering all the topics you need for a top notch nutrition education, and you graduate with an advanced nutrition certification at a fraction of the cost of going back to school.

We give you guides and tools that you can use with your clients so all the work is done for you.

The best part? It’s all online learning environment so you can become Nutritious Life Certified in your jammies if you want to! You also get to guest blog on our site as an alum, and we give you tons of exclusive opportunities to work with other brands, too.  Also, the Nutrition School is an approved and accredited school by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  This means that once you become Nutritious Life Certified, you’ll have the ability to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

One of the most valuable parts of TNS is the community. We have a private Facebook group that you get lifetime access to, so you can interact with an elite group of registered dietitians, fitness instructors, business owners, chefs, marketing gurus, etc., all of whom are as motivated as you to make an impact in the health and wellness industry! It’s seriously priceless.

What’s your food philosophy, and the philosophy behind Nutritious Life?

I always say, it’s not just about the food! But, it’s super important to have a healthy relationship with it. When people realize that food is not the enemy, but rather other things in their lives that are causing them to abuse food, they can finally get on the path to having a healthy life.

That’s why I have 8 Pillars of a Nutritious The Nutrition School with Natalie Jill Life. Sleep, stress, exercise, self care, loving relationships, hydration, and your overall environment all affect your waistline.

Think about it: when you sleep well, you wake up feeling great, which is motivating to eat a healthy breakfast, which is motivating to eat a healthy lunch, which is motivating to hit the gym and sweat, which reduces your stress, which helps you have better relationships, which helps you sleep better…and the cycle continues.

The overall result?

Healthy weight, happy life!

See? It’s really not all about the food!

Also, I often talk about flipping the switch. When people change their way of thinking from “I CAN’T have the chocolate cake” to “I CAN have the blueberries” they are switching from a negative place to an empowered place. I hate the term willpower and moderation and guilt — ­­it’s all negative energy!

Want to learn more, apply to The Nutrition School, and get a $250+ discount off your tuition? CLICK HERE!


-Natalie  Jill



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