Thoughts become things

Thoughts become things

Thoughts become things

The question that I WISH people would ask me is not “what do you eat” or “how do you train” but rather what do you “think about?” You see I am ALWAYS thinking towards POSSIBILITY. I’m always breaking the belief set others suggest by leaning into what is possible vs what’s NOT possible.

Thoughts become things

Everything is the result of our thoughts

What we think is what we become. ACTIONS follow those thoughts and our current reality (our health, body, relationships, career, finances, happiness) is the results of our thoughts. You see what you THINK ABOUT comes about and we start taking actions to support our thoughts.

  1. Do you think you are too old and it’s too late? You’ll take actions to support that.
  2. Do you think your metabolism, hormones, age, etc is to blame? You’ll take actions to support that.
  3. Do you think that  your relationship is bad… same thing.

When you change your THOUGHTS then the decisions and Actions you take change and results changes.

How do you change your thoughts? There is a method…

You literally decide to practice.

  1. Notice when the thoughts that won’t serve you happen. “I feel incapable”
  2. Consciously tell your self the opposite “I’m becoming the type of person who masters this”
  3. Practice and get CONFIDENT at this!

It’s not an overnight change but a practice in recognizing and shifting!


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Natalie Jill



Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a leading Fat Loss Expert and high-performance coach. She helps you change the conversation around age, potential, pain and possibility. She does this through a SIMPLE and FUN unique method that you can find in her best-selling books, top-rated podcasts, interactive programs and coaching sessions. As a 50-year-old female, she KNOWS the struggles and pain that can come with aging! She takes the guesswork away and help you kill the F.A.T. (False Assumed Truths) holding you back from achieving your goals. To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile, Tiktok, and Instagram.