The Best Tool for Recovery and Muscle Pain – PUREWAVE GEN II

The Best Tool for Recovery and Muscle Pain – PUREWAVE GEN II

I know many of you have seen my recovery/relaxation room that I have shared before. Believe me when I say I am no stranger to recovery methods. Over the last few years (and several injuries later) I have grown a great liking to the sorts! I have a number of healing mats that I love, heavy duty massage chairs, inspiring books, relaxing artwork, a fireplace, complete with a beautiful view.

But little did I know…I was missing my favorite thing of all. Because WOW! What I’m about to tell you about HAS to be the best discovery of 2020...FOR SURE.

Do you ever experience back pain? Sore legs and booty 🍑  after a workout like me this whole week? 😂  Do you suffer from sciatica? Have general tightness? Suffer from headaches/migraines? Or just have a high-stress life?

I’m not sure if you do — but if you do — YOU MUST GET THIS.  I got my hands on a PUREWAVE GEN II massager and I don’t think my life will ever be the same! If you’ve tried what you think is something similar before, you’re mistaken.

You asked me for more recovery and pain reduction ideas and THIS is a must. It’s my new obsession…and it doesn’t stop with me. Literally every friend I’ve tried this on is getting one now (if they haven’t already!) I’m serious.

The other day I was going to use it before I started getting ready to film some content and let my makeup artist Lauren try it —  she wouldn’t give it back and immediately ordered one for herself 😂  She did give it back eventually lol…but she was hooked. She can’t wait to use it for her overall neck tension (she does a lot of computer work and a lot of driving), carpal tunnel in her wrists, and her tight hamstrings.

The night before, my professional masseuse friend Shauna tried it during my massage and she fell in love with it! She loved it even more than the one she was currently using in her bag, so she ordered one, too! She is looking forward to using it on not only herself but her clients who have strains, knots, scar tissue, sciatica, foot pain, overall injuries, and trigger point therapy. It’s cordless, too, so she will be able to easily take it with her on location.

Good news: when it arrives, all you have to do is choose your attachment, screw it on, and start using it!!! I promise you wont want to wait…and you don’t have to because unlike some gadgets, it arrived with some power already in the battery! SCORE!

Here is a Fun Video I did about the PUREWAVE GEN II recently


Say Bye Bye to muscle pains! Meet your new tool for recovery.

The PUREWAVE GEN II is not only a major help with recovery, but it’s also a great way to manage stress and induce relaxation. The way it is designed allows you to control the intensity — from low zen intensity all the way up to therapeutic intensity. Every level is super enjoyable and let you adjust it to your needs, wherever you are in your self-healing journey.

purewave gen ii

I personally LOVE using it after a good training session, or when I wake up super duper sore. It’s come in handy even after I have spent too much time in front of the computer.

I’m telling you. This is a serious life upgrade…and I’m not sure what’s better…how amazing it feels, or how affordable it is! Okay, both of those things seal the deal. I’ve tried nearly everything on the market. The PUREWAVE GEN II is lighter, more powerful, has a long handle so you can massage yourself, comes with WAY MORE options, 7 different tips, and is WAY LESS pricey. It’s really a no brainer.

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purewave gen ii tips

What makes the PUREWAVE GEN II so special?

Micro-Vibration and Percussion Modes
Micro-Vibration Mode gets to the delicate tissue and pinpoints pressure areas and Percussion Mode gives you deep tissue tension relief and works away at knots. Instead of just feeling like a jackhammer or just a simple vibration along, the PUREWAVE GEN II’s micro-vibration combined with the percussion allows you to target delicate tissue, trigger points, AND get into hard to reach areas that can be causing nerve pain.

More Powerful
It has a dual motor what sustains higher pressure. This means you can get a deeper massage because it doesn’t stall as easily as others do when applying pressure.

natalie jill extended handle purewave

Calibrated Speed Control
The dial lets you adjust the massage pressure to your exact needs with 12-speeds on each of the dual-motors. This lets you customize the power to your needs with percussion and micro-vibration.

Extended Ergonomic Handle
This is the money feature! If you’ve tried other massagers, you already know that it requires someone else to do the massaging for you. But not here! The handle on the GEN II is long enough to use on yourself! YES! You can now massage YOUR OWN BACK and other hard to reach areas without having to be a contortionist! Need I say more?

New & Improved Tips
There are 7 different tips to choose from so you can personalize your desired massage:

    1. 3D Pivot Tip – Swiveling wide arch design that glides over joints and hard angles
    2. Six-Head Tip – Deep tissue/sports massage for large muscle groups
    3. Air Cushion Tip – Soft cushion for general massage. Silicone material.
    4. Point Tip – Acupressure and reflexology for targeted tension points and scar tissue
    5. 3D Stainless Applicator Tip – Wide-surface therapeutic cream/gel applicator
    6. Scalp Tip – Scalp stimulator for relief and increased circulation. Silicone material.
    7. Migraine Tip – Pinpointed tissue vibration for tension headaches, TMJ, and acute tendonitis.


Convenient Storage Case
It also comes in a handy protective case for sleek and easy storage and transportation so you don’t lose any of the tips!


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