Total Body Burn – Full Body Workout – video

Total Body Burn – Full Body Workout – video

Total Body Burn – 7 Minute Real Time Full Body Workout

This week, I decided to try to film a REAL TIME workout for you for a total body burn! Now, this was a little more challenging than I anticipated–as trying to film YOURSELF while working out is not that easy. Please excuse the film quality AND my messy hairstyle lol- I did not know I would be filming this for you today!

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OK, here is the workout – the TOTAL workout was just 7 minutes long!

Donkey Kicks
Straight Leg Kicks
Repeat on the other side

Move to a plank
Knee to opposite wrist

Grab a BOSU

Side to side
Walk ins – CORE
Back to side to side
Walk ins
Knee to opposite elbow- more challenging on bosu
Knee to same side
Back to rocks
Front and Back Rocks
SIDE lean tilted HOLD
Walk ins- SLOW

Take it off the BOSU
IN and Outs – working those ABS
Flutter Kicks
Walk ins from HAND plank

OK standing up now
Walking Lunges

TRX time
called in the hubby for this one
Back rows
V ups
Tricep presses
Handstand push up or hold

Let me know if you would like to see MORE real time workouts for me!


-Natalie Jill

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