Ugly Scars Tell Our Stories- 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair

Ugly Scars Tell Our Stories- 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair

Ugly Scars Tell Our Stories

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Ugly scars make us interesting. Do you have them? That’s what I keep telling myself haha. I mean I clearly will not be an arm model anytime soon!

Scars are our stories. I have a lot of them on my body. Eyebrow, lower back, chest, now my arm. Those scars are like a roadmap for our life’s journeys right? I have a story behind every single one of them and at 48 there are a lot.

Yesterday marks 12 weeks post distal bicep tear. It’s a milestone week! Scroll down a bit to see what my arm looks like today. For the FULL story of how I tore my bicep, why I had the surgery and more go HERE

WINS 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair:

  • My full arm extension is back! YAY! Meaning I can straighten it fully! It was stuck in a bent position for quite some time.
  • Bicep atrophy is coming back. I lost a lot of muscle during the healing process.
  • I am off the nerve meds!! Gabbapentin you helped me through some rough times (thank you!) but I am happy to say I am putting you away for now.

WORK that I still need to do 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair:

Where I still have work to do:

  • I still don’t have full range of motion with my wrist or hand (can’t handwrite or eat properly with a fork yet)
  • Burning/ stabbing nerve pain is still present
  • Tricep is not firing yet. It kinda hangs- actually it does hang and may or may not flap in the wind…but it’s a work in progress! I’m committed.

What I am working on now is : 2 days a week of Physical Therapy, Daily walks 3-6 miles, workouts daily (short like what I share in my homefit special here, ), an anti-inflammatory diet like I share in Aging in Reverse the book HERE and in my other nutrition programs HERE. I am also working with Oculus Brain Centers for pain management and quicker recovery~ If you want to learn more about their services go HERE.

For all of you recovering from or dealing with injuries and setbacks KEEP GOING.

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My advise is to stay in the possibility and focus on what you CAN DO to get even a small bit stronger each day.

1. FORCE THE VISION: what do you want? Focus on that.
2. DECIDE it’s happening
3. Take small steps forward each day … that’s progress and equals big wins over time.

And- don’t discount your nutrition. It’s so important to keep the weight in check, manage depressing thoughts, our energy levels, inflammation and pain. It also can really help with healing. Cheetos don’t help with any of that sorry lol

I eat the way I share in all my programs- I practice what I teach! You don’t have to learn this alone.

Download my 7 day jump start special.

And… have you made peace with your scars?


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