Upper Body Exercises Using Bodyweight – VIDEO

Upper Body Exercises Using Bodyweight – VIDEO

Upper Body Exercises Using Bodyweight

You don’t HAVE to use “heavy weights” or “machines” to change your upper body strength. You CAN get stronger, more defined, more toned using your own body weight.

In this video, I am sharing my 4 favorite upper body exercises you can do with your own body weight

The best part about these exercises is there aren’t ANY machines involved.  Before you get discouraged and say, “there is no way I can do a pull up,” I’m here to tell you that ANYONE can learn to do a pull up or chin up. I promise!  I’m not going to lie, these exercises are challenging and intense, but they force you to progress.  And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

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Bodyweight Exercise #1  – Pull Up or Chin UpBest upper body bodyweight

You can do these from a bar or ring!

Bodyweight Exercise #2 – Plank

A plank is the BEST exercise to strengthen your core and they can be done in many variations; your forearms, your hands or you can even add a twist. It’s very important to do a plank correctly, not letting your back sink in and keep your glutes tight and core engaged.

Bodyweight Exercise #3  – Push Up

As with the first two exercises, you can do push ups in a variety of positions. The wider you go, the more you will work your chest.  The closer in you are to your elbows, the more you will work your triceps or the back of your arms. You can make a push up harder by elevating your legs up on a bench or doing them from a decline position such as a handstand against a wall!

Bodyweight Exercise #4 – Tricep Dips

These can be done on the ground or elevate your legs to make them a little more challenging.  Always keep that core engaged when you’re doing these body weight exercises. You will notice a difference! I hope you enjoyed these body weight exercises!  There is no magic number of repetitions or sets; just do what is challenging and intense for you!!!

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

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