What iFly Indoor Skydiving Taught Me about Surrender

What iFly Indoor Skydiving Taught Me about Surrender

What iFly Indoor Skydiving Taught Me about Surrender

IFly SkydivingHave you ever tried INDOOR SKY DIVING? Would you? For day 5 of my 30 Day Expansion Challenge that’s what I did. I had driven by iFly Oceanside so many times thinking “one day I’ll try it.”

Why do we say “one day” to so many things?

“One day” is not an actual day of the week nor a real date on the calendar

So last night became “one day”… I flew INDOORS (I did an actual sky dive a few years back… this was totally different!)

Before I entered the wind tunnel I spent a good hour watching professional synchronized skydivers practicing their tricks in there.

They looked soooo graceful, synchronized, and acrobatic. They made it look so effortless and simple

Let’s just say that not how I looked and It was way harder than it looks

What I learned in the wind tunnel tunnel tank thingy (is that what it’s called ?) is that the more you RESIST and TRY TO CONTROL, the harder it is to FLY.

When you RELAX, DROP ON, become LOOSE and SURRENDER you SOAR.

IFly SkydivingHmmmm so interesting. The theme of CONTROL vs SURRENDER continues to follow me through all these expansion exercises.

I did 3 flights and I’ll be back and won’t wait until another “some day”

5 days into this 30 day expansion experience and I’m not only having fun and learning I’m finding myself waking up super excited for the next days experience.

I started a list on my phone of “things I do not normally do but want to” and I’m knocking them off the list.



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