What is your BRAND?

What is your BRAND?

What does the word “brand” mean to you?

Some people might think of their favorite jeans, a certain food label, a type of laptop or tablet they have, or maybe even the toothpaste they use! But really, have you ever considered yourself a brand?  Pick a word or phrase that defines who you are personally. I’ll bet that the same goes for how you want to be seen professionally, because that word or phrase defines you at your most committed moment – it’s where you probably show the most passion, energy and drive.  To brand yourself you have to transform that feeling into an image and an impression. The challenge then becomes figuring out how to brand yourself when you’re not really sure what to say, whether you actually have something unique to say, or even how to get started! I can’t tell you which profession suits you best, but I can suggest some tools to help you start figuring out personal direction on your own.

 “Success means never letting the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about.” – Tom Chappell, Tom’s Of Maine

I love this quote.  I feel like it speaks to everything I’ve done with Natalie Jill Fitness to date. When I read the quote, it takes me back to when I was just starting out, and I was trying to define my personal focus and brand without just absorbing all of the opinions around me and mimicking others actions. I wasn’t the typical fitness model and I was jumping into the market late to the game.

What is YOUR brand?

Do you want to re-define yourself? Are you just starting out with a new direction? Maybe you’re looking for that new direction and haven’t found it yet? I’m telling you, the way to start is with your personal brand. In the beginning, take some time to learn about what’s going on in your current field. Get online, read blogs (like mine!), talk to coworkers and friends, maybe even attend an industry event or two.

This is how you find some inspiration. I keep a giant dry erase board in my office, and I write down new ideas, questions, and comments whenever they come to mind. My board helps me find direction and helps me to better define my personal brand by keeping me current and on-topic. I start writing (as you can tell by my blog!) and through the discussion great ideas take shape. The key to branding yourself is to share good information with some personal touches that reflect your unique outlook.

What is my brand in your eyes? 

Those of you who follow my pages and my blogs know that  I’m absolutely passionate about health and fitness, and it’s that enthusiasm that helps me make connections with fellow professionals in my field – it’s why they want to work with me! The same will happen for you if you can harness your interests and passion into a personal brand. Providing value to those around you helps shape your brand, and there’s definitely value in sharing good information! As a valid resource for information, you are branded as a trusted authority and looked to as a leader in your field.  And that’s when you’re able to create productive professional relationships that will further your goals and your career.

What kind of Jeans are you?

So go ahead, think of yourself as a favorite pair of jeans or a computer. You exist. YOU are a brand. Now harness that positive energy, get motivated, and get talking. It’s time to let other people know about the brand that is YOU!


-Natalie Jill


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