What To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts

What To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts

What To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts

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Hi guys! I want to discuss what to do when an injury or circumstance prevents your workouts

Just a little background story: I am a workout junkie for those of you who know me, I love working out, it’s my outlet and what makes me productive in everything else.

However, just like most of you, I’ve had many times in my life when an injury got in my way and I couldn’t work out.

A little while ago I went through one of those circumstances, because I had a surgery and was advised not to work out for at least six weeks.

So I want to address the things I did, and I hope these can help you too. Click on the image below to watch.

Here is what to do when an injury or circumstance prevents your workouts:

First, Watch Your Diet While You Can’t Train

What To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts with Natalie Jill

I know you’ve all heard the notion that abs are made in the kitchen, and I typically don’t agree with that. I do feel the right exercise and working out with intensity can be better than just eating.

If you don’t believe me, think of a highly trained professional athlete; they tend to eat more yet they still stay lean and fit, because they’re active.

However, when an injury, illness or something else is in your way and you can’t train, your diet is really important.

This is the time to watch your calories and what you’re eating because you’re not as active. You will start storing fat if you don’t watch your diet.

In such a case, I suggest you up your protein so that you don’t lose muscle as quickly, and get more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other clean natural unprocessed foods.

Don’t get depressed and sit on the couch and start eating chips, candy and soda, because that will make you feel worse.

Another reason to watch your diet is your body needs those nutrients to recover quickly, particularly those in fruits and vegetables.

What To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts with Natalie JillSecond, find what you can do to be active.

Can you stretch? Can you walk? Can you move at all? Can you stand while you’re working instead of sitting? Of course if you’re bedridden that’s one situation, but if you can move around then do so.

If you have a lower body injury, you can do something with the upper body, and so on. I was told at my surgery to do nothing for at least four weeks, except walking.

So I’m just walking, and soon I’ll be able to do lower body exercises. Figure out what you can do and do it. Every little bit counts.


Third, plan your return by researching new workouts and making new goalsWhat To Do When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts with Natalie Jill

You can take this time to plan and create your vision; what you want to do when you get back on track.

This is the time to start digging and researching new types of workouts, how you’re going to start doing that and what your goals are.

Learn something new, this may also be the time to take  new fitness classes, because when we’re working out,  we tend not to research what else is new or what may be working for others.

When An Injury Or Circumstance Prevents Your Workouts with Natalie JillFourth, use this time to get miscellaneous things done

I tend to have a pile of stuff that I never get to, because I put so many other things first, like my family and workouts.

One such thing is putting photos in albums, this and other things seems not to be important when I’m operating at optimal health, but they weigh on me because they should be done.

Appointments and other things on your to-do list should be completed at this time. It may seem so basic, but it helps you stay with the right mindset.

Use this time to get things done you have been putting off, so you feel more empowered when you get back to your routine.


Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill


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At the end of this live broadcast I took a few Q&A’s from the audience. Below are some helpful FAQ’s that came from this broadcast:

Questions: How do I calculate my calories?
I’m not a calorie calculator myself, and it’s not possible to know exactly how many calories you’re
getting in things. Instead, focus on eating natural unprocessed foods and getting in touch with
your body. We tend to overeat proceed foods and sugar, but not so much unprocessed natural foods.

Questions: What is your take on any fat burners out there?
I’m not a fan of any, they are temporarily and dangerous. I had a young and healthy clients a while ago
who had bought a popular fat burner to get that extra kick out in her workouts, and she had a heart
attack from it. I get that it’s rare, but she was healthy!

So why do that to yourself?  Do things the right way; push through your workouts, eat unprocessed natural foods, stay hydrated and move your
body. You don’t need the fat burners. There are some natural things you can do to get your energy up,
like caffeine and Vitamin B.

Question: Do you measure your food?
No I don’t weigh or measure my food, I use portion control. I like to teach about the hand: the thumb is
about the fats you use; the palm is the size of protein; and the fist is the size of fruit or starchy carbs.

Question: Do you have workouts for toning the body?
I have a gazillion of them, visit www.nataliejillfitness.com/dvds for the DVDs, or my YouTube channel.

Question: Can I work out with back injury?
It depends on what your back injury is coming from. I have blogs on how to overcome and prevent that pain, however it depends on what your issue is.










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