What Whale Watching Can Teach Us About Life

What Whale Watching Can Teach Us About Life

What Whale Watching Can Teach Us About Life

HAVE YOU EVER WHALE WATCHED? Yesterday was day 2 of my EXPANSION challenge for myself (read yesterdays post if you want to know why I’m doing this) and so I chose to be a San Diego tourist and go WHALE WATCHING… why? Because why not…I’d never done it and I live a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.
Whale Watching
This was a “stretch” for me for three reasons that you may or may not relate to.

I do not love being a tourist in crowds (we were with a LOT to people on a boat).

I am anything but a patient person, whale watching is not exactly a fast paced thing to do.

I felt like I had “so much to do” yesterday and taking 3 hours to stare at the ocean looking for a whale felt like it would be “boring”.

You get to be still, patient and WAIT to see if a whale may or may not pop up. I mean, they can hold their breath under water for 20 minutes. Yippee!

But it WAS fascinating.

And we DID spot several.

And they are beautiful. And peaceful, and synchronized and POWERFUL.

And dang how they command the ocean just “BEING”.

Something us humans have not mastered… just “BEING”.

We work to CONTROL. And control is truly an illusion.

We can’t actually control ANYTHING.

Whales just “be”. They play. They exist. AND they live very long lives.

So many lessons we can learn from Whales.

Btw… some fun facts I learned about them…

Whales are the largest animals to have ever lived … yup… some are even bigger than dinosaurs

They are actually mammals, not fish, but live in the water. Actually they are most closely related relatives to hippopotamus!

What should I do today? I committed to 30 days of something every day that I do not normally do.



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