When I Get Fit I Will…

When I Get Fit I Will…

“When I Get Fit I Will…”

“SOMEDAY” is a lie.

When I get fit I will pinterest thumbnailMy private client shared with me today that she would launch her (GENIUS) new business idea “someday.” Actually, her exact words were “WHEN I get fit I will…” BTW her business is not even fitness related.

Do you kick the can down the road or think like this? “Someday” or when you “Get fit?”

When I get fit I’ll change my relationship
When I get fit I’ll look for that new job
When I get fit I’ll start that business
When I get fit I’ll love working out
When I get fit I’ll eat healthy
When I get fit I’ll make more money
When I get fit I’ll love myself ….

“When I get fit” is like the dangerous “someday” statement. It’s not an actual destination and it’s subjective. It kicks that can down the road and gets in the way of all of the above AND even keeps you from achieving your ideal of “fit”

What works instead? Acting as if you are already there. Thinking the thoughts and taking the actions of the person you want to become as if you are already there

It’s not a destination it’s a way of life.

Think the thoughts now of who you want to become

Take the actions of who you want to become

Start the habits of who you want to become
Spoiler alert… this works for not just fitness…


You are not too old and it is not too late

If it was someday or if you were already your ideal of “fit” what would you step into or create?


Natalie Jill

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Natalie Jill

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