Why Being Broke is Your Greatest Teacher with Dwayne Clark

Why Being Broke is Your Greatest Teacher with Dwayne Clark

Why Being Broke is Your Greatest Teacher
with Dwayne Clark

Dwayne Clark grew up POOR. So poor that his mom had to take potatoes from her employer to feed her children. Then he would have to negotiate as a child to ensure they would have utilities and running water.

But Dwayne learned a powerful perspective shift about is life. He learned that he could view poverty as “POOR HIM”: or as “BEING THE GREATEST SCHOOL” He chose the later.

Today, Dwayne is a serial entrepreneur and runs one of the nation’s premier assisted living communities with over 30 locations, 2000 staff members, and over 60,000 residents served. He’s also an award-winning film producer, author and major philanthropist.

As CEO of Aegis Living, one of the most sought-after assisted living facilities in the US. He’s also the producer of the Award-winning film ‘Big Sonia’ and ‘Full Court’ – The Spencer Haywood Story, about the iconic NBA Hall of Famer.

In his latest book ’30 Summers Left’ he shares the “lessons from longevity” that he has amassed from the latest health and wellness research on living the best life possible.

Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY how Dwayne Clark LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find lessons in hardship
  • Why adversity is your greatest teacher
  • Why you should always being looking for the lesson
  • How you can create longevity in business and life



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