Wrist or Back Pain When You Plank?

Wrist or Back Pain When You Plank?

Wrist or Back Pain When You Plank?

DO YOU LOVE OR HATE PLANKS? If you only have time for ONE move this is what to do! But… You might be doing them wrong… especially if your lower back or wrist hurt.

Wrist or Back Pain When You Plank_ pinterest thumbnailPLANKS… love em or hate them they are the best exercise for your core and for reducing many forms of lower back pain. It also helps strengthen your upper body!

Many don’t want to do them because of “wrist pain” or “lower back pain”…: you MAY be doing it wrong.

Image one: looks good in an IG photo but is totally wrong! Your core is NOT engaged here and your lower back and wrist are taking all the pressure. That’s why those hurt!

Image two is neutral. Core is engaged and this is a terrific place to be

Image THREE is where I live in this. With virtually no disc left between l5 and s1 (thanks disc rupture and laser endoscopic last year) the best position for me in planks is image three. And exaggerated version that really gets my abs. I also visualize and create tension – from palms to feet (imagine pushing your palms back towards your toes and your toes to your hands! Holy moly abs! You’ll truly feel this and no pressure on your lower back.

Are you IN?

PS if you do have pain in your wrist or lower back always check with your PT or doctor first about your unique situation.

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