This blog was originally published in March 2012 but was updates on January 18th 2017

10 Must Haves for a Fitter You

I get a lot of questions about the “one” thing I feel you should have at all times to stay on track.  That is a tough one as I don’t have just “one thing”!  So I thought about it, and made a list of the 10 things I can’t live without!

Here are my 10 must haves that help keep me on track with my health and fitness goals:

good workout clothes10. Good workout clothing. This is worth the investment. I would rather have a few nice pieces than lot’s of inexpensive pieces. Having clothes that wick sweat away, wash well, don’t hold odor and fit well can make your workouts more comfortable and appealing. If you are working out with the right intensity you DO need good support and clothing that will wick sweat. One brand that I currently love is Body Angel Active wear the clothes fit well,  are supportive, wash well and hold up for years. You can use coupon NatalieJill to save on anything from the Body Angel line.

sunless tanner9. Sunblock and my “secret” for that healthy glow. Yes I am 45 but I don’t feel it and I am fortunate to have been told that I look younger than my age. I NEVER leave the house without a solid SPF. I use 45 on my face always, even on cloudy days.  That being said, I am guilty of loving the LOOK of a tan.  Since I do NOT go unprotected in the real sun, I have discovered some self-tanners that don’t turn orange and smell amazing. A healthy, looking glow make me look and feel leaner, which ultimately gives me more confidence. More confidence makes me want to push myself harder so YES my faux, healthy glow helps me! I love the mystic sunless spray booths at ITAN or  I use in home Kona Tanning products.  To learn more about the sunless Kona Tanning at home products that I use, look  HERE

greens8. Greens on the go. My life is busy and I don’t always have time to prepare my daily vegetables. Click HERE for my favorite superfood option.

7. A GREAT protein powder.  Protein powder is NOT just for body builders. The days of chalky powders that clump up and don’t mix are LONG gone!  Great protein powders  help develop lean muscle mass, repair sore muscles, helps you lose fat and ward off hunger. I include them daily in my diet and recommend them to my clients. To read more about protein powder look HEREhealthy food delivery

6. Healthy food delivery. Thrive market offers healthy, organic, top-selling food items, pantry staples, personal care items and cleaning products at low prices. Learn more  HERE

vegetable wash5. Fruit & vegetable cleaner. You may be thinking do I really need a special cleaner for my produce? Yes! You do! This simple, easy cleaner greatly reduces your exposure to peticides, bacteria that causes food borne illness and wax. Learn more about Eat Cleaner Spray HERE

workout bars lebert bars4. Full body workout bars. If you follow my programs and workouts, you are likely familiar with these great, multi-purpose workout bars by Lebert. Learn more HERE 

3. A GREAT workout app. Take my do anywhere workouts with you everywhere. Get My Toned APP heretoned workout app

2. Caffeine for a pick me up. Even the healthiest diets can still put you in an afternoon slump. For days that I feel especially tired, need to focus and want a hard workout, I have green tea, or an all natural, non-stimulant energy drink or energy shot. Learn more about energy shots and energy drinks HERE.

1. High powered blender. I have VITAMIX and I love it. I am all about quick and convenient and my vitamix allows for that. I am an expert at turning a smoothie into a meal! I keep frozen fruit in my freezer at all time. Tossing fruit, a scoop of protein powder and a healthy fat (like nut butter) makes a filling, healthy, meal QUICKLY. For 70 healthy smoothies and juices you can whip up in your blender look HERE.

So there you have it!  My 10 must haves for a FITTER YOU!

Excuses or Solutions… YOU decide!

– Natalie Jill

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