SHAKE up your Diet!

SHAKE up your Diet!

SHAKE up your Diet…with whole food smoothies!


Looking to SHAKE up your diet with some creativity and flavor? Consider adding whole food smoothies into your daily routine. Whole food smoothies have so many health benefits. Not only does drinking them help you meet your fruit and vegetable intake for the day BUT  you also get added fiber, concentrated vitamins and nutrients AND they taste like a treat!

What do you need to begin? I suggest purchasing a high end blender. Any blender will do the higher end ones will make preparation and clean up much easier. I personally use and recommend the Vitamix as it makes for a completely SMOOTH smoothie, no matter what I throw in there.  Plus the vitamix is used by most of the ‘commercial’ smoothie and shake shops, so I get that real smoothie taste at home.

I suggest using whole food Smoothies every day as one of your meal replacements. The majority are not low enough in calories to use in addition to your meals so my suggestion is to have a whole food smoothies as one of your meals.  You will find that you will actually begin to get the majority of your daily nutrients in your whole food smoothies!

Additional benefits of consuming whole food smoothies!

  • They can save you save you money and time. You can buy many of the ingredients in bulk and store them in your freezer.  They are easy to prepare, nutritionally balanced and your whole family can enjoy them!
  • Whole food smoothies can make you more regular by giving you plenty of natural fiber, which in turn ensures excellent digestion!
  • They are a great way to ensure that you are being properly hydrated.  I suggest drinking 10 full glasses of water a day. This seems challenging for some people and the good news is that concentrated whole food smoothies counts as part of your water intake requirements for the day.
  • Whole food smoothies provide you with the full spectrum of nature’s vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.
  • Whole food smoothies help to build up your immune system which can protect you from illness. When you feel like you may be coming down with a cold adding whole food smoothies to your diet can help you fend off your cold.

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