The 386lb “quick fix”…that became a 526lb problem

The 386lb “quick fix”…that became a 526lb problem

After ballooning to 526 lbs AFTER a failed “quick fix” at 386 lbs, one woman decided to do it the RIGHT way!

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Think quick fixes are the answer? The ads and marketing material make it sound sooooo easy, but are things like stomach stapling and gastric bypass going to work if you don’t CHANGE your HABITS?  They may work temporarily, but I will let Missy share her story and let YOU decide which is the most effective way to lose the weight safely and permanently.

In Missy’s words…

In 2002 I was tired of being fat. I weighed 386 lbs So I started contacting local doctors in town that would give me the “easy” fix that people call it. I thought this would be my answer, so in early 2002 I decided to have my stomach stapled. I knew it was the easy way out, a quick fix…and sure enough it was.

Things got worse: I started eating badly because I thought oh my stomach is stapled and I can eat what I want but just in smaller amounts.


Over the next 2 1/2 years I ballooned to a point where I weighed in at 526 pounds! It was hard for people to believe that I was that heavy but I was.

“You have such a pretty face”

You have no idea how much those words hurt. I was always told if you lost weight, you would be so much prettier. It was meant as a compliment, but it really hurt. I looked into programs that could help me out. I decided to start following a lower carb, higher protein diet, and have stuck with it for about 8 years this coming September.

More than just weight loss

The benefits that I have experienced from changing my diet far exceeded weight loss.

  • I lowered my trigylcerides from Missy Hendricks - Before & After - Natalie Jill Fitnessthe 350+ to a whopping 36.
  • I no longer have to take Synthroid for thyroid issues.
  • My BMI was 57 and now its at a 24.7.

I feel amazing. I was wearing a 7x and now I am proudly wearing a juniors medium in top and 7/8 in pants! I am the smallest that I have ever been since the 6th grade. I can walk a flight of steps without having to stop to catch my breath.

I have a great support system. My husband met me when I was in the 200’s and still to this day he has stood by me 110% and encourages me daily to keep up the good work. During this journey I have managed to lose some friends due to becoming healthier. They thought I did this for attention however I did this to save my life.

Missy Hendricks - Natalie Jill FitnessEating healthier has changed my life for good!

I know that I can do other things when I am down instead of turning to food. Food was my comfort all of those years. I have 2 little boys, Ethan 3 and Clayden 2. They keep me motivated to continue to eat right and exercise the way that we all should. My kids and my husband need me around so this is why I challenge myself daily to not give up. My husband is in the US Army here in Ft. Campbell, KY. Seeing his fitness level and activity level encourages me to keep up with him. Well I try my best. Since losing the weight it has allowed me to regain my self confidence and self esteem something that I have not had in years.

A friend shared me your page last year and everyday I go to your page just to have that extra push. When I’m faced with something I know I probably shouldn’t do, I say to myself would Natalie Jill do this? Of course not. You have allowed me to not give up and I want to thank you. Even though you do not know it, you have helped me to stay under control with my health and my life. -Missy


WOW! Quite the journey that Missy has been on! What I love is her sense of accountability and her REFUSAL to be a victim of a surgery that did not work long term!  She has taken control of her life through commitment to great nutrition when so many things were out of her control!  Go Missy! Keep it up!

Natalie Jill

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