9 minute Full Body Bodyweight Workout – VIDEO

9 minute Full Body Bodyweight Workout – VIDEO

9 minute Full Body Bodyweight Workout

If you want a complete full body bodyweight workout and you’re in a hurry or you travel a lot and just need to get something in or you don’t have time to go to the gym or you simply just want to “get it over with”, this video is for you! Watch and do these exercises with me!

Hopefully, you have a stability ball for the first couple of exercises.  There are a total of 9 exercises (excluding variations). You will do as many of each exercise as you can in one minute. Take breaks as needed! It is OK to go at your own pace. Some will be able to do 1 of each in the minute, others 20 in the minute. It is up to you to work at YOUR level and progress!

If you want more, go through the entire sequence one more time through or do each exercise for two minutes (super challenging) for a total of 18 minutes (without rest). Full Body Bodyweight Exercises

Run Down of the Full Body Bodyweight Workout Exercises Shown in this Video:

Exercise #1 – Push Up Shimmy to a Tuck

Start out with your shins on the ball, do a push up, shimmie and bring those knees into your chest.
x 1 minute

Exercise #2 – Pikes to Roll Outs

Roll that body all the way out so that your shins are resting on stability ball and your arms are fully extended. Bring the ball all the way in so that your tippy toes are resting on the ball into a pike position.
x 1 minute

Exercise #3 – Mini Ab Roll outs

Start out with your forearms on the ball and roll it in and out with tiny little pulses.
x 1 minute

Exercise #4 – Side Plank Variations

With your knee and forearm resting on the ground, extend the opposite arm all the way up and twist it under your body.  You can advance this move by lifting your hips off the floor, resting on your feet.
x 1 minute

Exercise #5 – Reach and Pull

In side plank position, arm and leg fully extended, bring your elbow in to meet your knee.
x 1 minute

Exercise #6 – Tricep Shimmies

Perform a tricep push up with a shimmie. You can advance this move by lifting one leg up at a time. x 1 minute

Exercise #7 – Forearm – Down Down Up Up

Start out in regular plank position dropping one arm down onto your forearm, then the other, bring them back up and repeat.
x 1 minute

Exercise #8 – Tricep Lean Backs to Tricep Dips

Start out with palms on the ground facing forward, lift your butt off the ground, fully extend your arms and come back down doing a tricep dip.
x 1 minute

Exercise #9 – Tricep Sit Throughs

Start out with palms on the ground facing forward, lift your butt off the ground and pull your hips all the way through.
x 1 minute

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

Natalie Jill

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