Are excuses your reality?

Are excuses your reality?

Have you let some hardship BECOME your reality?

We have ALL been there. We take something that has happened to us, something that has occurred, and we use that as our “excuse” as to why we can’t continue on or accomplish something. No one is immune from this. It happens to those of us with the best of intentions. Something happens and that becomes our reality. We accept the new disability, the hardship, the situation and we give up.

Excuses become realities

I see this a lot in fitness and nutrition and it works both ways. Someone decides that their injury is their reason they no longer can work out and they get out of shape. Someone decides they don’t have time to eat healthy so they don’t. Someone decides they can’t achieve their goals and they don’t. Their excuse becomes their reality.

Mind over Matter

What if you could CREATE your own reality?  What if you could “decide” to be a certain way and be that way? What if you could decide to be the exception to the rules and over-come your excuses? Surely you have heard the stories. Your neighbor that says they are going to NOT  stay fat and they don’t . Your best friend who decides they are going to run a marathon (and does) even though they believed before that their bad knee, back, whatever would not allow them to run.

Are your excuses your current reality?

My good friend Jamo Nezzar recently introduced me to the story of Tom Wisenbaker at progressive strength recovery inc. He does not accept excuses. He doesn’t allow his clients to accept excuses.  Watch this video and you will see that his clients have REAL obstacles! Since Tom believes they can overcome obstacles, his positive attitude and belief is infectious, and THEY believe as well!  Just as believing in yourself can have positive actions, being negative works the same way.

This quote is so true:  “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!”

Watch this and then tell me what you “can’t” achieve…

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!!

-Natalie Jill

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