Booty building! 5 Butt Exercises You can Do anywhere – VIDEO

Booty building! 5 Butt Exercises You can Do anywhere – VIDEO

Booty Building! 5 Butt Exercises You can Do Anywhere

Who doesn’t want a perky booty? In this video, I share five butt exercises that you can do anywhere, using just your own bodyweight. Don’t take “anywhere” too literally, I don’t want you doing these in line at the super market or anything!

5 Butt Exercises that you can do ANYWHEREBootyBuilding

Butt Exercise #1 – Donkey Kick

Start on your forearms and knees. Lift one leg behind you in a 90 degree angle. Keeping foot flat and flexed, push your foot toward the ceiling, squeezing your hamstrings and glutes. Switch legs and repeat.

Butt Exercise #2 – Hamstring Curl

Start on your forearms and knees. Straighten out one leg and bend your knee into a 90 degree angle, squeezing your hamstrings. I call this the “butthigh” – the area between your butt and thigh. You can really define that area by squeezing those hamstrings. Sometimes people like to add a hand weight right where their knee bends, for even more of a challenge. Switch sides and repeat.

Butt Exercise #3 – Straight Leg Lift

This is similar to a donkey kick, however this time, you won’t bend your knee. Starting out on your forearms and knees, lift one leg up and from there, keeping your hips aligned, you will want to lift that leg up (almost like tiny pulses). Switch legs and repeat.

Butt Exercise #4 – Glute Bridge

Start out lying on your back, knees bent with your feet on the ground, fingers and toes pointed forward. Simply lift your hips up into a bridge position, HOLD, lower it down and back up. Remember to drive through your heels.

Butt Exercise #5 – Glute Bridge Pulses

In bridge position, while engaging/squeezing your glutes, lift and lower your butt up and down (about an inch) with mini pulses. Really squeeze those glutes as you lift up.

How do you incorporate this Booty Building Workout?

Option 1: Do each exercise for one minute, rest and repeat the entire sequence again; a total of 10 minutes. If you choose to do this, remember you will need to switch legs after 30 seconds for the exercises that require you to switch legs (i.e. donkey kicks).

Option 2: You can do each exercise until they are so challenging you can’t do any more. Rest and Repeat.

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

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