Should you buy into the Coconut Water hype?

Should you buy into the Coconut Water hype?

Coconut water is touted as the newest energy drink… Should you buy into the Coconut water hype?

I know, I know.  Every person you see walking out of Whole Foods, yoga class, or spin class seems to have a coconut water clinched in their hands.  Should you be doing it too, should you ‘buy’ into the coconut water hype?

What is coconut water?
Coconut water is the liquid found inside young coconuts, which has long been a diet staple in South East Asian nations.

What is so great about coconut water?
Coconut water is touted as a natural sports and energy drink because it is fat-free, low calorie, cholesterol free, and has a high potassium content.  A serving of coconut water has 569 mg of potassium, which is twice the amount of a banana!  Potassium is key for the body in so many ways.  Aside from being a key electrolyte, potassium is required for keeping the heart, kidney, muscles, brain, and other major organs in top-notch condition.  Potassium regulates blood pressure, and helps to prevent related issues such as strokes and heart attacks.  Potassium is also great for when you over indulge in your favorite heart-healthy red wine and need a “hangover helper”.

Should I add it to my nutrition program?
I personally love coconut water, I drink it regularly and also include it in my smoothies.  It adds a unique flavor which I enjoy.  However, coconut water can be on the expensive side, cartons retail for $2-$6 depending on size and brand. They are now making flavored varieties that taste good but have added sugars that you DON’T need!  My advice is to stick to NATURAL coconut water, and flavor it yourself with whey protein, or include it as a part of your smoothies.

Just know that coconut water is great for electrolyte replacement and hydration post workout for the average person but may NOT provide enough electrolytes or sodium for SERIOUS endurance athletes.  Try mixing your favorite whey protein with coconut water to get that important pre/post workout protein while staying hydrated!

Again, there is NO miracle food, drink, pill, or powder that is going to solve all of your problems.  But coconut water definitely has a place in your nutrition program if you use it properly!
-Natalie Jill

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