Best Flat Belly Beach Exercises with Betty Rocker – VIDEO

Best Flat Belly Beach Exercises with Betty Rocker – VIDEO

Best Flat Belly Beach Exercises with the Betty Rocker!

The Betty Rocker is BACK and we are doing another beach workout!  This time we’re focussing on that FLAT BELLY.  These exercises are fun to do on the beach (why wouldn’t you get out and enjoy the fresh air?) but can be done anywhere.

Remember, you can do all the ab exercises in the world, but if you really want that cut, defined, six pack stomach, you have to lose that extra layer, pick up the intensity in your training and do the right exercises. Are you with me?

Flat Belly Beach WARM UP Exercise: The Elbow PlankBetty Rocker Beach Workout

Simple plank position on your elbows and forearms (try and hold for one minute).

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #1 The Tall Plank Hold

Just take your regular plank position onto your hands and HOLD – keep those hips down!

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #2 The Walking Plank

It’s a combination of the elbow plank and tall plank hold. Just do down on one forearm, then the other and back up and repeat.

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #3 Sit Outs

Start out in plank position, slightly twisting that body as you take that knee and reach it toward the opposite elbow (your knee won’t actually touch your elbow), continue to switch sides.

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #4 Inchworm one arm raises

stand up tall, walk yourself out and high five your partner; each time slapping the other hand!

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #5 Side Plank Reach Throughs

Plank position on your side (forearm), with opposite arm up toward the sky and reach it through your tummy, with your hips moving in the same direction as your arm.

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #6 Reverse Plank Walk

This one is a toughy! Turn around in reverse plank position with your palms facing forward, lift your hips up and raise one leg, HOLD, bring it back down and repeat on the other side. Do as many as you can!

Flat Belly Beach Exercise #7 Side Shimmies

Lie on your back with your head slightly off the ground, bend your knees and shimmy side to side, working those oblique’s. Try doing this for 30 seconds and work yourself up to one minute!


-Natalie Jill

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