Food Prep to Lose Weight – video

Food Prep to Lose Weight – video

Food Prep to Lose Weight! What’s in Natalie Jill’s fridge

Let’s talk about how you can food prep to lose weight! That’s right! How to set yourself up for success.

food prep to lose weight

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Food Prep to Lose Weight Tip #1: Make your foods marketable

Make your healthy foods look organized and appealing! Organize them in your fridge so you can easily see what great options are there. Make it look visually appealing and colorful! Keep your healthy foods in ready to grab and easy to eat containers. This makes it so that when those cravings set in, it’s easy to grab something good for you and you are less likely to feel the need to go “grab something fast” from a store. Market your healthy foods to YOU!

Food Prep to Lose Weight Tip #2: Plan and prepare your food staples and go-to meals

I always keep cooked chicken, egg scramble, soups, and salad premixed in my fridge so that it’s super simple to grab and eat and makes it less likely that I want to leave to eat out.

Food Prep to Lose Weight Tip #3: Keep the junk OUT

Don’t even bring the junk into your house! My deal when it comes to junk and sweats is that instead of keeping it in arms reach at home, if I want it SO BAD that I am willing to drive to the store and go get it for that ONE time, I will. If there are leftovers, I toss them. As soon as I have my one splurge, I am done. There isn’t excess junk handy around the house for mindless grazing.

Food Prep to Lose Weight Tip #4: Use your freezer to store backups on hand

I always keep frozen chicken, fruits, and veggies in my freezer. I also keep protein balls in there so that if I am in a pinch, I can grab and go!

Food Prep to Lose Weight Tip #5: Prepare your foods as soon as you get home from the store

As soon as you get home from the store, wash and prep your fruits and vegetables. When you shove them in plastic bags inside your fruit and veggie drawers, and tuck them away, you are unlikely to see them and even more unlikely to eat them! If you wash and cut them when you first get home, you not only save space in your fridge, but you will be more likely to actually eat the food.

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

-Natalie Jill

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