How to Stay Fit When traveling

How to Stay Fit When traveling

OK Girls (and guys of course! I just felt like saying “girls” to change it up 🙂

SERIOUS question here: How do YOU stay fit when traveling? Do you skip it? Do you take it outside? Do you workout in a hotel gym? Find a local class or gym? OR do you use the hotel gym?

How to Stay Fit When Traveling…

I recently traveled to Alabama for a wedding and the hotel gym was well, lets just say “not very motivating” to say the least. I know many of you likely get stuck with ‘what to do’ for exercise when traveling so I am sharing some ideas in today’s video!

Best Exercise for Travel #1 Standard Leg PressHow to Stay Fit when Traveling

Start out lying on your back; place the band underneath your feet, holding onto band with your hands and push out into simple leg press, working your legs and glutes.

Best Exercise for Travel #2 Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks working inner and outer thighs and lower abs. Lift your legs up and do scissor kicks, creating resistance with band.

Best Exercise for Travel #3 Squat Step

Take band and tie it around your legs, right below your knees. Take it as low as you can into a squat position and step side to side, working you’re your inner and outer thighs.  The lower you go – the harder it’s going to be.  You should also feel it in your glutes!

Best Exercise for Travel #4 Reverse Fly

This is amazing for your upper body! Place your hands out in front of you about shoulder length apart and open up wide, really working your back. When you start to feel the burn, take it out wide and pulse.

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

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