Lebert EQualizer Workouts – videos – Natalie Jill

Lebert EQualizer Workouts – videos – Natalie Jill

FIVE full-length workouts using the Lebert EQualizer Bars!

Body weight exercises are AMAZING as you can do them anywhere, work every area of your body AND truly progress and intensify your workouts. I DO like some minimal equipment that aids in progressing your bodyweight routines. Lebert EQualizer bars found HERE are a staple in my routines. Here are some of my favorite Lebert EQualizer workouts:

Lebert EQualizer Workouts #1 Best Upper Body Bodyweight Workout

#1: Basic Push Ups For Beginners

Get a sturdy chair, a low countertop, a lowered squat rack… or your bars! Start by standing with your feet placed slightly apart, front leg bent slightly, with your hands placed on the bars (or whatever you are using). Lift your body up and down and be sure to switch legs. Even if you’re advanced, this is great for a warm up. Do these for about 30 seconds.

#2: Standard Push Ups

This one is great if your wrists are sensitive. Having the angle of the Lebert EQualizer really helps to relieve pain from your wrists because you’re grabbing rather than placing. Extend your feet out behind you and do standard push-ups. If you need to make it a little easier, you can definitely drop down to your knees in this same position. Do these for about 30 seconds.

#3: Tricep Press

You can use a chair, a lowered squat rack, or the Lebert EQualizer bars for this one. I also like to fold a mat for my knees. Place all of your weight on your knees so your toes are slightly lifted off the ground. Press your hands into the bar and press down into your triceps. You should be feeling your weight in your triceps. Make sure to keep your back flat and your core tight. Do these for 30 seconds.

#4: Tricep Dips

Take it to a standing position and using a bench, a chair, a lowered squat rack, or Lebert, standing with your feet on the ground, lower your weight down working your triceps in a tricep dip. Another more advanced option is to completely lift your feet off the ground while doing the tricep dips. If you’re REALLY daring and strong you can bring your legs out in front of you while you do the tricep dips. This will work your abs a ton, too! Do whichever version is challenging for you for 30 seconds.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to feel it — even if all you can do are small movements, do it!

#5: Modified Chin Up

Take it to the ground and grab your bar. Walk your feet out in front of you and lift yourself up using your back and chest and lower back down in a controlled manner. This is a great way to introduce yourself to a chin-up or a pull-up! If this is too easy for you, lift one leg at a time and up the intensity! Do these for 30 seconds.

And you did it!!!! A super short workout that WORKS — our muscles are on fire and all we used is our own bodyweight! If you need MORE of a workout, repeat the sequence. Do whatever is intense for YOU.


Lebert EQualizer Workouts #2- How To Do A Chin Up or Pull Up

Step 1: Start on a Low Bar.

You can use a squat rack if you want, but I like to use Lebert bars. Start on your back with your legs straight out in front of you (or bent if that is too hard) and pull yourself up to the bar. Repeat these dips. There are no magic numbers, just do what is challenging for you! Even if that means working toward just 1! The idea here is to progress. Once you are able to do several of these easily in a row you are able to advance to the big bar.

Step 2: Hang on High Bar.

The first step here is to just hang. Once you are able to hang, you are going to slowly try to work your way up. This might look like one inch at a time. That is okay! Anything is progression. Repetition of this will eventually get you to where you are able to do a complete chin up.

Step 3: Assisted High Bar.

If you are struggling still, try using something to rest your feet on to help you work toward the up and over motion. But make sure you are using your arms to lift as much as possible, and not your legs.

Step 4: Repetition.

Once you are able to successfully do one chin up on the big bar, keep working at increasing your repetitions.

Like always, do what is intense for YOU and you will see results.

Lebert EQualizer Workouts #3- Advance Your Bodyweight Workout


As many of you already know, I LOVE to workout with my Lebert bars. So many of you express that you love them, too!

So, I wanted to make another workout using them for you. They are great because they help you to progress your workouts! Today’s workouts are meant to get your stronger ALL over!

Exercise 1- Modified Chin Up 

This is great for those who are learning to do pull ups or chin ups for the first time. It’s a great way to start progressing toward the real deal.

Extend your feet and legs out. Choose your hand grip. A chin up would be with your palms facing you; a pull up would be with your palms facing outward.

Work using your upper body strength to pull yourself up. It’s okay if you can only do one! As you master these you become closer to progressing toward a full pull up or chin up!

If you don’t have a Lebert bar you can use a lowered squat rack at the gym. I like these because you can use them at home!

Exercise  2- Modified Tricep Dip

You can start with your feet on the floor if you need to, but the goal is to do this without your feet touching.

Place both hands on your Lebert bars and use your triceps to dip down and back up. You can either do a full range of motion by going all the way down OR you can do a mini-movement.

Either way, you will be working your triceps and core.

Exercise 3- L-Sit 

This is one of my FAVORITE ab workouts!

It’s super challenging and also works your triceps! Using your arms and core, push up off of the Lebert bars and raise your legs to form an L with your body. Hold yourself up using your abs.

Exercise 4 – Ab Swing

In that same lower hold position from the L-sit’s, rock your knees forward and back in a swinging motion. Make sure you are engaging your abs to swing.

Exercise 5 – Tricep Push Up

You will probably want to use a cushion or a mat (or a towel) for this one under your knees.

Place your hands on a bar in front of you and lean down into a push-up and then bring it back up.

The further out you place the bar from your body, the more of your abs you will be working, too.

Workout 6 – Agility Hops

There are a few different agility moves that can be done with the Lebert bar as well. You can really get creative, but the ones I like to do are agility hops.

To do agility hops you jump over the Lebert bar on its side.  This is a great way to get that heart rate up!

Lebert EQualizer workouts #4- Full Body Workout

Exercise #1: Modified Pull Up

Exercise #2: Modified Pull Up Progression

Exercise #3: Beginner Tricep Dip

Exercise #4: Push Ups

Exercise #5: Push Ups – Modified

Exercise #6: Modified Dips

Exercise #7: Dip Progression

Exercise #8: Full Dip

Exercise #9: Ab Lift

Exercise #10: Bicycle Abs

Exercise #11: Hip Thrusts


At Home Advanced Ab Workout

Workout #1: Opposite Knee to Opposite Wrist 

In a plank positon, with your core engaged, bring your opposite knee to opposite wrist. Alternate back and forth. You can do this on the bars, a squat rack, or on the floor. You will feel these in your abs pretty quickly! Do this for about 60 seconds.

Workout #2: Same Knee to Same Wrist 

In a plank positon, with your core engaged, bring your same knee to same wrist. Alternate between sides. You can do this on the bars, a squat rack, or on the floor. You will feel these in your abs pretty quickly! Do this for about 60 seconds.

Workout #3: Lower Ab Raises 

If you dont have the Lebert EQualizer bars, you can use two benches or two bars. But I love to use the Lebert EQualizer bars. For this one, you will lift yourself up, keep your knees together and bent at a 90 degree angle and raise and lower them. This will really work your lower abs. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Workout #4: Bicycles 

Holding yourself up on the bars, move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. You will see that this one doesn’t take long to feel at all! Do this for 30 seconds and feel the burn!

Workout #5: L-Sits 

This one is more advanced, but do what you can and just work toward progression. Holding onto the bars, lift your legs out straight in front of you and squeeze all of your muscles. Hold it for as long as you possibly can, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

To learn more about Lebert EQualizer bars or to get your own set visit HERE

Excuses or Solutions… YOU Decide!

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