Meet Kelly! From Fast-Food to Feeling Good

Meet Kelly! From Fast-Food to Feeling Good

Meet Kelly! Down 10 pounds and went from Fast-Food Eating to Feeling Good Meet Kelly! From Fast-Food to Feeling Good with Natalie Jill

In Kelly’s words: “When I found Natalie Jill’s program, I was at my heaviest weight aside from my pregnancy weight. I wanted to feel as beautiful as my husband tells me I am, and I wanted to be comfortable in my own skin.

Discipline and accountability were what I needed to get myself on track. And I needed something that would work as a full-time working mother of two. I was drawn to Natalie Jill’s Jump Start because it was put together so well, and I love that it is more than a diet but a lifestyle change. The program seemed like something I could stick with. I’m an extremely picky eater, and I have really struggled to get away from processed junk food.

Breakfast became important: I had never eaten real breakfasts; a granola bar at my desk was typical for me. Now I’m enjoying scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, cantaloupe, and other healthy real food options. Eating a good breakfast gets me off to a good start and keeps me motivated to go the rest of the day unprocessed.

No more hamburger and French fries for lunch. And no more drive-throughs with the family for dinner. It was easier to swap in meal planning for fast-food eating than I thought. Plus, I’ve found a gluten-free bread that I like, so I can still make turkey sandwiches to bring to work. I add some fruit and cottage cheese and that’s all I’ll need to make it through to dinner.

Becoming conscious of my food and my mission: I’ve become really good about looking at food labels and choosing all-natural food over food that’s processed. And I know now that if I ever get off track, it’s easy to get right on back. At first I thought I could skip the vision board, but when I finally did the work, it made all the difference in achieving my goals. In the past, I’d never really been good about exercise, but now I’m enjoying Natalie’s workouts, and I really like her YouTube videos.

Visible changes

I have gotten rid of so much of the bloat, and my stomach has gone down quite a bit. I can fit more comfortably into my pants—without the muffin top. I’ve lost close to 10 pounds! My goal was to wear a bikini for my ten-year wedding anniversary trip.

Life got in the way, and we were unable to take the trip, but it didn’t really matter because that vision gave me great motivation for sticking with the program. I used to wear shorts and a T-shirt over my swimsuit, and I was always so self-conscious about that. But I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer need to cover myself up, and I am so pleased! I feel good in my skin.

Not a diet but a way of life

I’ve gone through lots of different diets, but I don’t think of the Jump Start as a diet but a way of life—it’s not something that I have to do but that I want to do. Natalie’s program is so easy to follow, and I can tell that she truly cares about helping others. Knowing that has made all the difference.”

Congratulations Kelly!

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